Kids Masks That Are A Craft

Kids Masks That Are A Craft

We all are wearing masks now and so are the kids. Get them to like wearing masks more by making these kids masks that are a craft. The Crafty Mask makes these adorable little masks for small faces that they can color and decorate all by themselves. They will enjoy wearing their masks and showing off their coloring skills. These kids masks that are a craft they will love doing.

Introducing Crafty Mask™️ – a mask and marker collection that transforms wearing masks into an interactive activity by sparking kids’ imaginations and encouraging them to have fun. And when they are having fun, we become more at ease. The Crafty Mask™️ lets kids express themselves by making their masks their own – over and over again. These are masks kids love to wear, protecting themselves and others while harnessing their creativity daily.

With 7 different designs they can wear something new everyday. The markers work great. Once the masks get washed they can color them all over again.

Each Crafty Mask™️ has 7 protective, breathable, and comfy masks designed for faces with little features and 7 nontoxic, wash-out markers with colors from the rainbow! Simply toss in the washing machine after each use so kids can have a fresh canvas to create on. Crafty Mask’s™️ engineered durability offers premium protection for over 30 washes and comes in two sizes to fit any age.

Since the kids are back in school we want to keep them safe by encouraging them to wear their masks. These Kids Masks That Are A Craft make it a little easier. Since they are made just for little faces they will fit perfectly! These masks are affordable and shipping is free. 5% of our profits go to UNICEF.


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  1. My kids are on 100% virtual right now but there is a chance they will ease back into some in-person schooling in February. These would make the experience a little better. It’s a struggle to find mask to fit my two year old grandsons, maybe the bead stopper will help keep it on their face better.

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