Killing Bacteria Is Now Easier

Killing Bacteria Is Now Easier

Killing Bacteria Is Now Easier

We all would love to be able to keep our family safe from germs and to kill bacteria.  With these UV-C lights, cases, and bottle are almost perfect at killing bacteria and get rid of germs.  This light removes 99.9% of them! That is amazing.  With everything that is currently happening we can keep our families safe at home, on their cell phones, and more. Starting with their Allume – UV-C Portable Wand above that makes it easy to take care of most items.

UV-C light is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and other microbial life. The radiation emitted from UV-C is safe for use in the home but deadly to harmful microbes. UV-C light was recently recommended by Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center as a safe and effective method for killing the coronavirus on surfaces.

Violet healthcare has produced something that will help us on a daily basis. Eradicate 99.99% of bacteria on your household items and every day products. UV-C technology provides sterilization to all your every day essentials. With a click of a button, a high-energy beam of UV-C light is emitted from the specialized LEDs, destroying bacterial DNA and RNA within seconds.

Allume folds in half when not in use for easy portability in a bag or purse. Its wireless design and 6-hour rechargeable battery life mean that users can take it on the go to disinfect door handles, elevator buttons, and seats on public transport. It also comes with built-in safety mechanisms such as the child safety lock and gravity sensor that automatically turns off when the UV wand flips over 90° to protect against contact with eyes.

The products include:
– Allume: A UV-C light sterilizing wand
– Beva: A UV-C light self-cleaning water bottle
– Lila: A UV-C light self-cleaning toiletry bag

This bag is called Lila, and it is equipped with UV-C LED lights in both its lid and base to ensure total light saturation during
sterilization. The bag has a safety clasp and a carrying handle, and the battery is rechargeable.

Unlike wipes or sanitizers, UVC light does not leave behind any chemical odor or residue. UVC light is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes. Violet Healthcare currently has 3 products: UV Bag, UV Bottle and UV Portable Wand. All are portable and extremely effective at eliminating bacteria and pathogens so that you can stay safe in every way possible. The one above is the bag that you can put things in and walk away while it is killing the bacteria and germs.

UV-C light technology has been used in hospitals for decades to kill germs and sanitize medical equipment. It’s an extremely effective way to keep your personal items and surroundings clean. With Violet Healthcare, cell phones, tablets, keyboards, door knobs, keys, toys, and more can be disinfected chemical-free!

The right wipes can be not only hard to find but they can get expensive plus you have to be careful and not use them on some items. Some items you just can’t use wipes on. With these UV-C lights they can be used on things you never thought you could get rid of germs and bacteria.  For example shoes, beds, phones, computers, and more. Violet healthcare products can be used for years.

Violet Healthcare was founded by engineers and researchers who dedicated their lives to improving the wellbeing of others through science. The team is made up of members from the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, and after the SARS, H1N1, MERS, and COVID-19 viruses stormed through their countries, they realized their calling was to improve the hygienic practices of every household. During their 10+ years of work together, they had no idea how important their innovations would be to the world in 2020.

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  1. I can only imagine the germs around from just every day activities, factor in cold season. The UV Wand would really be helpful, the germs of it all!

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