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Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble

Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble

Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble

Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble is a larger version of the scrabble board.  It has little piece on the corners so the letter do not slip around. I really like this for everyone to play.  Even small children can handle these pieces, and the older ones like me.  Everyone will have fun with this Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble, a classic game of Scrabble.


Your Scrabble words won’t be slip-slidin’ away thanks to this Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble boards clever “tile-lock” design. Every word counts when you are playing this specially designed large print version of the world’s leading word game. The integrated turntable function makes rotating and moving the board simple, and that large print board, tiles, and rules booklet are clear and easy to read.

This is a large plastic board that should last a long time.  You can see the dot jewels at each corner that help hold the letters in place.  You can see it is just like a Scrabble board and is a great family game.  The box fits everything under the board and then fits perfectly into the box for storage.  This game is great for 8 and above. But this would be a fun way for younger kids to practice their spelling words. Another visual way of seeing their words never hurts.

Features Scrabble words won’t be slip slidin’ away, thanks to this board’s clever “tile-lock” design You can play Scrabble in a car, train, plane or boat with no worries The great game of scrabble your whole family knows and loves Includes 100 plastic Scrabble letter tiles Includes 4 plastic tile racks, 1 drawstring tile bag and instructions

I really like the larger board included with this. The letters being larger make it easy for smaller hands to use.



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  1. I can appreciate that this is large print ,because when the lighting isn’t right I have to wear reading glasses.I’m glad that it is durable,because most boards fall apart so easily.This is a game that with the exception of the twins(too young), we can enjoy as a family.I can get the kids off the electronics for a while.

  2. Scrabble is my favorite board game, and I love how it has evolved over time. I am loving the bigger game pieces that lock right into the board. I would love to have this!

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