LavaLunch Makes For Sure Its Hot

Lava Lunch Makes For Sure Its Hot

LavaLunch Makes For Sure It’s Hot

LavaLunch will give you food that is hot.  It stays hot up to 6 hours.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hot lunch without having to wait to use the microwave that everyone else uses.  You will be eating before anyone else and have more time to do something you want to do. LavaLunch makes it so it is warm when you are ready! I love the designs they look really sharp and these are made to last a long time.

This is the back of this.  I am really surprised how well this is made, much better than other ones I have seen. Made from premium neoprene which makes it hot inside and cold outside.

Whether it’s going to school, to work or a trip to the local park, we’re all trying to return to our old lives as safely as possible. One way of maintaining social distancing (while also saving money) is to bring along a hot meal with LavaLunch Totes. Designed to ensure you enjoy your meal at its freshest, LavaLunch containers feature separate compartments to keep food cold AND hot, thanks to their unique “Lava Rocks”: specially formulated plastic plates that you heat up in the microwave in the morning and then work to keep your food toasty for up to five hours. Invented by a mompreneur, LavaLunch is perfect for those with food allergies and intolerances, too!

Insulated all the way through. Included are the 2 “Lava Rocks” that you just heat and they can keep anything warm for you. This is super-insulated which traps the heat inside. You can pack hot foods in one part and cold foods in the other part.  This is very versatile and ready for your lunch anytime, anywhere!

LavaLunch is able to maintain a hot and healthy lunch throughout the day thanks to the efficient thermodynamics of the “Lava Rocks” inserts. These inserts contain a material designed to absorb heat right from your microwave – and store for use later. As the day goes on and the interior of the Lava Lunch tote begins to cool, the Lava Rocks slowly release heat into the tote. The proprietary tote insulation traps this heat and maintains the temperature of the food throughout the day. The difference is noticeable and can change the way you think about lunch. As always, LavaLunch is made of all natural, food-grade materials, is non-toxic, and can be re-used again and again.

Lava Lunch


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