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Learn How To Create 45 Gravity Cakes

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Learn How To Create 45 Gravity Cakes

For the ultimate in show-stopping desserts, look no further than these cakes that seem to defy gravity.

While elements of the cake may seem like they’re floating in thin air, it’s really just simple scaffolding (plastic balloon sticks), concealed within the cake and disguised with fondant and candy, that creates the spellbinding illusion.

These cakes are incredibly fun and beautiful, and are sure to be the star attraction at your next celebration. While they may seem complicated, they really aren’t. Each of the 45 projects features step-by-step instructions with a photo for each step, making the decorating process foolproof and surprisingly easy.

Full color throughout, these projects will spark your imagination and provide loads of decorating inspiration. There’s a cake for virtually every event and occasion — from Valentine’s Day to Thanksgiving and from baby reveals to poker parties, and everything in between. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, it will be no time before you’re using your imagination to create your own unique designs.

The inspiration for this book is Francesca and Jakki’s friendship: they’ve embraced the book as an opportunity to keep the ties of their friendship strong despite living so far apart.

Jakki Friedman is a passionate and creative pastry chef who runs a baking business in Manchester, England. Over the last 2 years, Jakki has been specializing in gravity cakes for a huge number of clients along with regular demonstrations for people eager to learn her secrets.

Francesca Librae is an international reporter for Express Newspaper Group in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she covers a variety of international showbiz and reports on hard news stories.

Each of their cakes have detailed step-by-step instructions and plenty of color photography showing something cascading from the top of the cake.  Themes range from a water can showering icing roses with water, to candy waterfalls, a bucket of popcorn being filled and a Lego toy box.

The book itself is really nicely made – it’s a fun book to have in the kitchen. The pictures and design are awesome.  The directions are so easy to follow, if you just take your time, anyone can make the cakes.

I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. What a cool book! And these CAKES– they’re works of art!
    I’ve seen a few cakes like this before (not “in person,” though), but hadn’t heard of the term “gravity cake.” This looks so, so cool, and I’m glad I found this post!

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