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Learn To Read

Learn To Read With Bob Books and Versa Tiles

Learn To Read With Bob Books and Versa Tiles has so much help for our new little readers.  This one is for sight words, words they should know as soon as they see them.  This is huge when starting to read.  Little ones get frustrated if it seems to hard and this set helps them take it in without the frustation and while they are ready to learn.

Kick start your child’s path to reading with Bob Books and Versatile Sight Words Set. The learning words and fun stories in Sight Words Set may be a slight longer and more complex than the Kindergarten set. However, Sight Words are common words and will appear again and again in your kid’s reading material. Learning these words “by sight” is very beneficial and essential to their reading fluency.

Sight Words Educational Game provides more practice by introducing another set of sight word. Alongside these books, kids can practice and apply the skills they learned by doing Versatile activities. This fun educational puzzle-like practice system creates a hands-on learning way of reviewing what they are learning in their Bob Books. It is a very easy way to learn, simply line up the answer case on top of the page in the book then line the tiles up on top to start. Afterwards pick up tiles 1-8 and answer the question underneath it. Once each tile is placed, close the case, flip it over, and see if the pattern matches what is on the bottom right corner of the page.

This learning practice is what helps children comprehend what they are learning and gives them great confidence in their reading abilities. Includes: 10 easy-to-read hilarious small books (12 page each) with three new sight words introduced in each book (30 two-sided and sight words flash cards).

  • Bob Books and VersaTiles provides children with everything they need to start learning to read
  • Includes 1 set of 10 Bob Books, 1 VersaTiles answer case, and a 20-page VersaTiles workbook with 20 hands-on activities
  • Gradually adds more complexity as your beginning reader acquires 30 new sight words
  • Children can practice their reading skills with VersaTiles puzzle-like answer case and workbook that makes reading feel more like a game
  • Perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade (Ages 3-6)

They have a variety of kits to help your new little reader, get them all to give your child a head start.


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