LED Smart Face Mask

LED Smart Face Mask

LED Smart Face Mask

Face masks are part of our lives at this time and for the near future, so why not have some fun with them. We are all trying to show off some personality but with our face masks on it makes it hard to do it.  Now with this LED Smart Face Mask you can let the mask do the work for you.  Smile and the mask will smile, talk and it opens up.  Why not have something unique instead of the same old face masks a lot of places are now requiring.


The LED Smart Mask is a brand-new voice activated and simulates your mouth. The mask also smiles when you’re silent. What a fun way to great people you meet while you are out and about. Talk about getting someone’s attention. This comes from the Mask Market that  makes custom masks.

This masks feels different than other ones. It is made from a 2 ply polyester.  Stretches 2 ways and is very breathable. Has adjustable ear loops with toggles to fit any size. This has  a  pocket to put the filter inside and includes one 2.5 filter. This LED Smart Mask is machine washable when you take it apart.

With every one mask sold, Mask Market donates one PPE face mask to an organization that is in critical need of personal protective equipment. They manufacture their masks in the warehouse in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Their attention to detail and ability to provide quick shipping turnaround times help us stand out from the crowd.

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