LEDNut Rechargeable Wireless PIR Motion Sensor LED Night Light with 3-Modes

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LEDNut Rechargeable Wireless PIR Motion Sensor LED Night Light with 3-Modes

Need a light to light up the place without outlet installed? LEDNut is a best choice.
Apply with infrared (PIR) technology to detect body heat and the human motion sensor (within 3m), the LEDNut Wireless Motion Sensor Light could light on/off automatically with ease. It’s designed to be an alternative of the switch to the lights and built for convenience of Micro USB charging and personal safety in dark place. It is ideal for corridors, cabinets, workshops, basements, indoor garages, stairwells, doorways, closets, and other dark places in your home and shed.


Detection range: 10ft
Detection angle: up to approx. 30° (vertical)
up to approx. 60°(horizontal)
Current: 180mA
LED Qty: 6 super bright Epistar 2835 LEDs
Input voltage: 5V DC
Output voltage: 3.7V
Brightness: 80lm
Battery capacity: 600mah Lifespan: 55,000 hours

3 Modes
On: Continued lighting
OFF: Turn light off
AUTO: auto-sensing state, light up automatically in the dark if the build-in sensor device detects the movement.

-At “Auto” mode, it will only light up automatically in darkness when the built-in sensor device detects movement within 3 meters
-Non water-resistant, don’t put it to some moist position
– Recommend not installing 2 lights close, better at least 4 meters apart or they might be influenced by each other at “Auto” mode


  • BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY: No extra battery requires, the build-in lithium battery could offer 4 hours continuous lighting and 2 months power at “auto” mode. Compatible with power bank, battery charger, phone charger, PC USB port
  • ★ INTELLIGENT AUTOMATIC SENSOR: Automatically light up if detect movement with 3 meters and will go out 20 seconds if beyond sensing range
  • ★ EASY INSTALLATION: Built-in magnet, 3M adhesive tape, screws and mounting holes, could be hung and stick-on anywhere.
  • ★ ULTRA BRIGHTNESS: Pure white 100lm, Contains 6pcs energy-saving super bright Epistar SMD LED chips, environment friendly and low power consumption;Mini Ultra-thin closet light.
  • ★ APPLICATION: bedroom, hallway, washroom, balcony, corridor, stair, attic, basement, garage, cellar, wardrobe, kitchen cupboards, bookcase, tents, etc.


LEDNut rechargeable Wireless motion sensor night-light is great! It has infrared technology to detect body heat and a motion sensor. It’s good for all kinds of dark places where there is no wall plug like basement, stairwells, closets or the bathroom.  It is easy to charge by just plugging in the cable to the bottom of the light and plug it into any USB port on your computer. When it’s charging the light shows continuously read but when it’s fully charged it turns blue. It will pick up movement from approximately 9 feet away and go out after approximately 20 seconds of no movement.


The other great thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about bulky installation because it has a built-in magnet, small screws and some 3M adhesive tape which makes installation in tight spaces a breeze. The light is very bright when you walked in front of it. The motion sensor feature on the device is so sensitive but I love it because it is on for at least 20 seconds.

This LED light was so much more than I expected. I’m really excited that it is rechargeable, so it will save me batteries.


These lights are so lightweight, compact, portable and perfect to hang anywhere. They give fabulous light. They last for hours if left on- but in auto mode depending on how often you use them they can last a day or up to two months once charged.
They have a built-in lithium rechargeable battery than can be cycled over 500 times. You get four hours of continuous light once fully changed and 2 months of power on the auto sensor mode.

The Pure white 100 lumen light, Contains 6 energy-saving super bright Epistar SMD LED chips. They are ultra-thin and low power consumers.


It has three positions – ON/OFF/AUTO- the auto mode is the motion sensing mode. The auto mode will not come on unless there is complete darkness.

2016-05-31 23.17.52

The IPR detects body heat and human motion with the sensor.

Seller Warranty:
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
12 Month Replacement Warranty

I received this product to give my honest opinion!

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  1. These small compact lights look fantastic and the fact that they are wireless is even better! No batteries….

  2. This looks to have sooo many household uses. 2 months of power on auto sensor, fantastic!

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