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Let’s Glow Studio

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Let's Glow Studio

Let’s Glow Studio

Kids are into taking all kinds of videos. Give them a little help with this Let’s Glow Studio. They can make their face, hair, and anything else glow in the dark. The kids are going to love this.  Let’s Glow Studio even comes with a remote control to make it easier to use. This makes an affordable gift for tweens and teens.

Let’s Glow Studio is a creator kit of reflective fashion accessories to light up your glow parties, sleepovers or group dances – no app required! Design your own custom looks using this, with non-toxic reflective stickers and materials, attach the 16 color LED Clip to your tablet or phone, & light up your custom outfit in super-bright glowing colors!

Show off your unique style and personality! Craft your LetsGlow look using any of the accessories including hair, shades, a variety of non-toxic sticker sheets and nail stickers, and over 65 ft of reusable reflective material — enough crafting material for hours of play!

Attach the LED Clip to any tablet or phone camera and control the reflective LED color of your accessories using the remote control. Light up your accessories and make fun and unique videos with your friends and family!

This works with any standard camera app, no app download or social apps required! It’s also perfect for sleepover parties, glow parties or any group activities! With LetsGlow Studio, you and your friends can create one-of-a-kind outfits and videos!

This set includes enough crafting accessories for hours of play and lots of different outfits! Included is the Selfie LED Clip with remote and charging cable, three non-toxic reflective sticker sheets with stencils, ten reflective nail stickers, 10+ ft of non-toxic reflective sticker tape, 55+ ft of double-sided re-usable reflective material with hair clips and a pair of shutter shades for you and all your friends to glow!

You can also get the gloves that includes all of the above. Gloves have reflective material on one side and non-reflective black material on the other, one-size-fits-most. Attach the LetsGlow Studio LED Clip to your phone and flip your Gloves to light up your photos, videos or livestreams!

This makes a great gift for teens and tweens. They will have so much fun with this studio and accessory pack. They have others available also.

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  1. great niece would love this!! She has played with cell phones since she was a baby. I gave her one of my old one’s and she has a blast doing videos for TIKTOK She does not have a account So she would love this

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! I know that my daughters would really love this kit. It would definitely make a great gift!

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