Parents Stop Repeating “Close The Door” With LG InstaView Refrigerator @BestBuy @LGUS

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LG InstaView

Parents Stop Repeating Close The Door With LG InstaView Refrigerator

How many times have you told the kids, “shut the door” of the refrigerator?  “Decide what you want instead of standing with the door open!”  My answer is unlimited because now the grandkids do the same thing!  LG InstaView Refrigerator has helped every parent and grandparent alive with this awesome new refrigerator technology.  Just knock twice on the tinted glass and you can see what is inside and decide what you want!  Wow no more saying “SHUT THE DOOR” at least on the refrigerator, what will we do with all that time!

This alone sells me on this LG InstaView Refrigerator but wouldn’t this look great in your kitchen?  If you are building a home, improving your home, or just want some new appliances you may as well get some of the latest technology and highest quality available!  Best Buy carries everything you need at the best prices!

LG InstaView

With the “Knock twice” feature the refrigerator stays at a constant cold temperature, which helps keep food safe and fresh!  You will also save on utilities because the refrigerator does not have to work so hard to stay cool, plus the LG InstaView Refrigerator is energy-efficient!

Another great option parents will love, fingerprint resistant.  How much time to you spend wiping the refrigerator off after kids have been around?  This refrigerator has so many positive things it is hard to say no.  Put this with the great prices of quality items at Best Buy and pretty soon you have a new kitchen with the best looking and highest quality technology!

The LG InstaView Refrigerator line offers large capacity refrigerators with more usable space!  It is easier to keep things organized and easy to find when you have enough space.  I know some days we need just a little more space and these refrigerators from Best Buy would give us just that.

Learn more about all the sizes offered of these awesome LG InstaView line of refrigerators at Best Buy!


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  1. Such a cool option for a fridge, i bet that’s so useful. We just had to buy a new refrigerator and maybe one day we’ll get one this nice.

  2. Wow. With three kids that always seem to leave the fridge door hanging open…This would be a convenient, energy-saving refrigerator! Love all of the new products coming out theses days.

  3. What a great invention! This saves a lot of energy by not opening the refrigerator door each and every time someone wants to see what’s in there. Wished we had this back in the day!

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