Lilla Rose Is The Place For Hair Accessories

Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose Is The Place For Hair Accessories

Lilla Rose has the prettiest hair accessories.  They are perfect for long hair to put it up or leave it down, keep it out of your face with Lilla Rose. They have Flexi, Flexi Flip, Flexi Flop, hair pins, fun and decorative bobby pins, U-pins, headbands, and a  ton more. Get introduced to a great consultant Michele Bodenheimer.

The above is their Flexi Flips. This one is made from reinforced with high-carbon steel drawn music wire and semi-precious stone beads. Caroline includes a mix of Blue and Green Dolomite which appear lustrous and glassy. This design is finished with a simulated rhodium, which gives each item its silver appearance and shine, but are first plated with a copper base, then nickel.

  • Plating: Imitation Rhodium
  • Blue and Green Dolomite stones
  • Natural stone varies in color, size, and shape
  • Available in 3 sizes

Lilla Rose

The above is just a few ways you can wear your hair with the Flexi Flips. These are great for long hair and beautiful hair styles and for any type of hair.

Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose has very special hair accessories for kids, teens, and adults.  Have some fun with your hair starting with the new Suzuzu Collection. Tropical toucan with fun, bright colors bobby pins are made from nickel. This makes them durable and strong. It  also has  the rubber tip to the most comfort putting these in. The U clips are also made of nickel and are approximately 3 inches  long.

This is their Tranquility. I think this would be beautiful to dress up your hair, no matter how you are dressed.  It would look beautiful on a bride for her wedding! This is 4 inches long. They have videos to show you how to do different hair styles with your new accessories. You won’t find these designs anyplace else.

This headband is Crystal with hematite and brass seed beads on a black band.

  • Plating: Nickel, Brass
  • Glass
  • Length: 16inches/40.5cm
  • Comfortable felt backing
  • Removable adjustable comfort band: elastic
  • Elastic Color: Available in Black, Blonde, Brunette, or Silver
  • Elastic Length Standard: 4-5″ (10-13 cm), up to 6.5″ stretched
  • Elastic Length Long: 5.25-7.5″ (13-19cm), up to 10″ stretched


Visit Lilla Rose to get all your perfect hair accessories! Make for sure Michele Bodenheimer is your consultant and she  will take care of  you!


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