Liquid Chalk Markers

Liquid Chalk Markers

Liquid Chalk Markers

Want to have some extra fun this Halloween or for the holidays?  Let the kids decorate the windows with these great Liquid Chalk Markers. The kids will have a blast.  You can do your windows instead if you want. These Liquid Chalk Markers will right on all kinds of things and the colors are amazing. These are available on Amazon.

Decorate your home for the kids’ birthdays. Let the kids draw on the windows on a rainy day, they clean up really easy. Use these chalk markers for glass, tile, contact paper, stickers, whiteboards, plastic, and metal with ease. The bright liquid chalk is sure to please.

Perfect for hand lettering and freestyle designs, Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers come in 8 vibrant colors to help your designs, messages, and slogans pop off of chalkboards or whiteboards. These markers are easy to use and erase.

Looking for a way to write out directions or say something you want everyone to read? The Bandle B. Markers are the perfect way to do it. For use in your home or business, the vivid colors create eye-catching designs on your writing surface to make a lasting impact.

SPN-T2g Liquid Chalk Markers - 8 Vibrant colors, erasable, non-toxic, water-based, reversible tips

These Chalk Markers have a reversible tip, which makes it easy for anyone to create fine and bold lines. No more tedious filling in with a skinny marker or constant erasing with a bold marker, the Bandle B. Chalk Markers make it as easy as 1,2,3 to change tips.

They stand behind this set of markers! No questions asked refund or replacement for one full year, including your shipping costs.

Bold, bright, and fun liquid chalk markers from Bandle B. Perfect for adults and kids, this pack of 8 markers offers lively colors. Ideal for businesses, crafts, events, and every day. Write a note, write a message, draw something pretty, or sketch something silly. Let your imagination run wild with a rainbow of colors that are fresh and beautiful.

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  1. I have never heard of or seen these before but they are so cool. Would look really good on a black poster board. My daughter is really into art so I will have to get some for her.

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