LOOM Ballpoint pen By Faber Castell @FaberCastellUSA

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LOOM Ballpoint pen By Faber Castell

Featuring a grip section with fine rings and a subtly curved form, LOOM writing implements are varied and fascinating. They are characterised by luminous colors and an puristic elegance. The modern trio, consisting of a twist ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and fountain pen, captivates with a conical shape and the high-contrast interplay of matt and gloss effects. “Metallic” will add a colourful highlight to your college writing pad or desk: apart from the matte grey of the barrel and grip part, the metallic gloss of blue, purple, orange and silver adds some pulsating luminosity. “Piano” embodies classical elegance and a fascinating lifestyle: the polished metal barrel sets off the pure white, black and plum as well as the bold colored lime, while the varnish adds a trendy gloss to this series.

  • Embossed grooves on the grip for comfortable writing
  • Black large – capacity refill
  • Line width B


Beautiful pen! Smooth writing, clean-looking, and is great for everyday use.

There is something so satisfying about finding the right pen. The right pen has to be comfortable in my hand, the ink has to flow smoothly with no glops, and the way the tip looks is important. I’m sure there are more things that make a pen the right pen but mostly it’s just chemistry. When you write with it, your handwriting improves and you just feel like writing with it.


Looking for just the right gift; something fun, practical, colorful, not too intimate but still thoughtful, and suitable for either a man or a woman?


I love this pen. I’ve always wanted a nicer pen to carry in my purse to sign receipts with instead of using the store one that is usually coated in germs. That being said, this pen writes beautifully.  It’s a nice sturdy pen it is also comfortable and well-balanced.


The grip section has a horizontal brushed finish, which is smooth but still offers good traction so slightly sweaty fingers won’t slide off. The twist action is smooth and the black and gold finish is well done and looks classy.

Nicely designed pen with a solid feel and attractive styling. The significant weight of the pen suggests the use of quality materials. It fits well in my medium/large hand and is comfortable to write with.



Faber-Castell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and sellers of high-quality products for writing, drawing, and creative design – the brand name has a global reputation. In its core segment of wood-cased pencils, the company group is the wood’s leading producer with an annual production of over 2 billion pencils and colour pencils. Thanks to its focus and consistent implementation of its brand core values, Faber-Castell has successfully mastered its global challenges and equipped the company for the future.

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Ballpoint pen LOOM







I received this product to give my honest opinion.

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  1. (LOOM Ballpoint pen By Faber Castell @FaberCastellUSA) These pens sound amazing to me, I love all the great colors too!

  2. I love using ballpoint pens to write. I think that this pen will allow me to write smoothly.

  3. I’ve always liked fine pens.. This one is a beauty, and very unusual, at that. It does look really comfortable to write with – and you’re right on about not wanting to use a pen that everyone else has. There are so many germs going around, it’s always best to use your own.

  4. It’s so pretty! I’m addicted to fancy pens but they’re always disappearing. Faber Castell is awesome too, I use a lot of their art supplies.

  5. I actually have one of these pens and I can tell you that it’s very comfortable to grip ,I can’t use just any kind of pens cause I have one hand and I was right handed and now I’m a lefty ,I would buy another one !

  6. Great review, love the pictures. I am curious to see how the embossed grooves feel when gripping the pen to write.

  7. I need a good pen and can’t find one. This Loom pen would be great. I have arthritis and glad this is comfortable to hold. Love the colors.

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