Lootcrate Is Packed Full of Cool Stuff

Lootcrate Is Packed Full of Cool Stuff

Lootcrate Is Packed Full of Cool Stuff

I received this Lootcrate and I could not believe how full this is.  It has something for everyone.  Lootcrate has awesome boxes that are perfect for movie, animate, and other fans. Take a look at some of my favorite items that were in 1 box from them.

This is the Tobin’s Spirit Guide. This book explains about different ghosts and how they manifest themselves based on recent sightings. This is a condensed version of  the unabridged Tobin’s Spirit Guide and was printed exclusively for Lootcrate.  If you love the show Ghostbusters than this is a must have.

Some of these I just do not know.  On the left is some special coasters and the above is a sticker that can be placed on the door or window.

This cool coffee mug is another one I am not familiar with.  It says World’s Best Taker-Over-Er Property of Acme Labs. This has something to do with Warner Brothers.

This is the Jaws Drain Stopper.  Talk about something no one else has.  This is definitely for the Jaws fans out there.

Next is for The Lord of the Rings fans.  This is one of my favorite pieces but of course Desiree stole this one. This Mini Epics is actually very details and really unique.

This box also has  a  high-quality Lord of the Rings t-shirt.  It is classy looking and a shirt anyone could wear but the fans will recognize it right away. This Lootcrate also included Doctor Who and Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books. These are a must higher quality then the regular comic books. Plus I got a cute Gremlin book bag that Betty just loved.

You can’t get any of these things anyplace but Lootcrate! Talk about a collector’s dream box.

Product assortment

Each crate contains a curated collection of awesome items from the best pop culture franchises delivered to your door every month. Each month they feature a new collection of great items of Pop culture figures, tees, home goods, and more.

Depending on the type of box you choose from, Loot Crate, Loot Anime, Loot Gaming, and Loot Wear, you will receive something specific that is just perfect for you. These are monthly boxes that you can buy 1 or get the plan to receive something new each month.

You can also buy other crates that are featured on their site such as Loot Fright, Fallout Crate, Hello Kitty, Wizarding World, and a lot more. These are nice for a 1 time gift or just to try these boxes out.

Founded in 2012, Loot Crate™, Inc. is the worldwide leader in fan subscription boxes. Loot Crate partners with industry leaders in entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture to deliver monthly themed crates, produce interactive experiences and digital content, and film original video productions. In its first five years, Loot Crate has delivered over 14 million crates to fans in 35 territories across the globe.

Everything they develop — including themes and original content — is so you can totally immerse yourself in the stuff you love!

Loot Crate

These make great gifts, if you know what they like then order the box that fits them best.






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  1. Gremlins, Jaws…this is merchandise that really bring back memories! And it’s good that they also have lootcrates with characters that are more familiar to the kids of today.

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