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Lottie Dolls Inspired By Real Kids

Lottie Dolls Inspired By Real Kids

If you want the kids to have dolls just like kids they know then you need to get them some Lottie Dolls.  They are made for both boys and girls. These dolls are modeled after kids that they go to school with and have careers any of them could choose. Lottie Dolls are fun and inspire children to aim to be their best.

Based on the average proportions of a nine-year-old child rather than those of an adult, Lottie Dolls celebrate childhood and promote the empowerment of children by encouraging kids:

  • to be themselves
  • to play – imaginatively and adventurously
  • to have fun!

Lottie Dolls launched with a belief that childhood should be an inclusive place where every child belongs regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability. Developed alongside academics in child development, Lottie Dolls are inspired by children, and are based on the body of a 9-year-old, not the body of an adult. The company has pioneered diverse and inclusive toys, including the world’s first-ever doll with autism, the first-ever Deaf doll with a cochlear implant, and the first-ever small person doll.

lottie dolls

This is how the Lottie Dolls arrive.  This one is Always Artsy.  You can tell right away that she is an award winner.

She includes a paint brush (in her hand), paint cans, easel, and pictures. These dolls make several poses and are made well.  My granddaughter has been playing with these for a week straight without any problems. Betty loves them!

Always Artsy is model after a real students who loves to paint pictures of wildlife.

“At school, we’ve been learning about some of the world’s most famous artists. There are just so many ways to express yourself! I really like Beatrix Potter’s wildlife drawings but I’d love to be a painter when I grow up. My pictures don’t always turn out quite the way that I was expecting. Yet. But being bold, getting creative and experimenting with different styles is always fun. PS: There’s winning artwork from my art competition inside!”

This is the Junior Reporter. Looking for the best boy dolls for boys and girls to play with? Say “hello” to Sammi.

Outdoor play is important for kids of all ages and – like many of the toys in the Lottie Dolls’ range – Junior Reporter Sammi is cozily and comfortably dressed so that he can enjoy the great outdoors, whatever the weather!

This is Mia she is a Wildlife Photographer. Doll is dressed in a red Jacket, T-shirt with ladybird, denim-blue hat & bag, jeans, red spotty wellies and comes with a camera and the Edition 2 of Branksea School News and wears a cochlear implant.

This is School Days.  Lottie can’t decide what the best thing about going back to school is; seeing her friends, learning new topics, or meeting her new teacher, Miss Fiona. Miss Fiona encourages Lottie and her classmates to work together and to simply do their best, and reminds them that it’s ok to ask for help. Lottie is determined to learn her times tables off by heart, with practice it becomes easier. In the playground Lottie is always the girl her friends come to, to think up new games and solve problems and when Lottie needs advice she turns to her special leadership cards.

This is Cool 4 School. An age-appropriate doll that’s great for beating back to school blues or celebrating your little ones favourite subject, be it STEAM, Sports or getting out to the playground with all their friends!

They developed Lottie as a premium doll, they wanted her to be an heirloom, something passed from generation to generation. In choosing the size they opted for a more portable doll that had a smaller environmental footprint. Where possible they choose natural cottons as opposed to synthetic, when most dolls were going down the digital printed route with minimal stitching etc they went the opposite directed and added more attention to detail. They try to use tactile fabrics, do contrast color stitching and they inner line and provide detail which costs more but hopefully adds to the play value and appreciation of the doll.

In the packaging of the Lottie dolls these use as little blister packing as possible, changing the plastic to a recyclable plastic and removed the wire ties, in 2018 they changed the windows and blister to recyclable plastic and in 2021 they are removing all plastic from outfit packs and are looking at how they can do this to in the doll packs.


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  1. these are so realistic and life like i was a huge barbie fan as a child and i had of course the skipper doll too she was suppose to be a child doll. but to me she looked like mini grown up pretty unrealistic to me

  2. My granddaughter would squeal with delight if I gave her one of these dolls! Thanks for the review!

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