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Lotus Linen Men’s Bathrobe Is Nice

 Lotus Linen Men's Bathroom Is Nice

Lotus Linen Men’s Bathrobe Is Nice

I really like these robes from Lotus Linen, talk about soft! This are available for both men and women which I like since I steal my husband’s robe all the time, now I have my own. This is made really well too and should last for years. This is from Lotus Linen’s Boss Collection. That sell this on Amazon to make it easy to buy.

The Boss by Lotus Linen at the top of his gift list this year! Ultra-durable, bold and stylish robe designed for everyday wear. Tailored with him in mind, the Lotus Linen Plush robe features a lint-free, regal design that simply fits just right. Comfortable. Breathable. Available for women too!

They know the frustration of lint, tears and pilling on a regal silky bathrobe, so they went through the extra effort to make our design ultra-durable. Wear it daily and smile. Wash it regularly. With their 100% polyester and double-stitched fabric, they made sure this essential robe will last you a long time. Won’t wrinkle, pill, degrade, or become dingy, guaranteed.

Mens with hood bath robes with grey navy black burgundy color and full length gift for dad

Whether you’re stepping out of the shower, seeking a day of monk-like relaxation or ramping up to the peak of pinnacle performance, there’s nothing more pleasurable than stepping out of the shower into this soft, ultra-plush bathrobe.

A comfortable and easy wear, with a luxurious feel against your skin – it’s the ideal way to keep warm on a cold wintery evening, stay cool during steamy summer nights, or sit back, slip it on and relax into no mans land.

This fleece bathrobe for men is highly breathable, wicking moisture away to keep you cool and dry. It has a lightweight feel and does not easily fade or shrink when washed. Polyester is also a durable fabric, which means our robe maintains its shape and is not prone to wrinkling.

mens plush robes on hanger with all colors monogram embroidery name for mens bata de hombre

Look dapper and fresh with our full-length bathrobe. It features a large hood to keep your head warm, and double stitching for strength. It has traditional double loops, a belt, and patch pockets. This fleece robe also flatters all body types.

This easy to wash, quick drying plush robe is always ready for your day, keeping you relaxed, comfortable and feeling alive. No embarrassing ‘oopsies’. No holding it up as you run around. No wondering if you’ll end up exposed. Just a clean, sharp looking bath robes that stays tied the way you tie it.

Game day. Binge watching. Or just reclining in your chair. This Lotus Linen Boss robe is meant for daily wear, holding your snacks, remote, cell phone and wallet without making you get up from you know where. This makes a great gift for men and women.

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  1. What a nice robe for men! It definitely sounds high quality, and very comfortable. It would make the perfect gift, I may have to get my husband one for Christmas!

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