Love Diana Taco Truck

Love Diana Taco Truck

Love Diana Taco Truck

This Love Diana Taco Truck is so adorable all the kids will want this.  The kids love to use their imagination and this will help them serve anything from nachos, burritos, and tacos. They even have an ice cream cone. Love Diana Taco Truck has little parts so it is recommended for kids over 3 years old.

Discover the Love, Diana 2-in-1 playsets complete with exclusive scented Diana figure! Each playset has 2 themes, just flip the menu and sign for even more fun. The playset comes with 10 unwrappable surprises for your playset too.

All you have to do is flip the sign and you will have an ice cream truck.  This comes with the special scented doll and all the items you see in the picture. That is 11 pieces in all. Even has an open and closed sign.  Diana can sit in the driver’s seat to head to a new location. That’s like getting 2 toys in 1.

Diana from the hit Youtube channel, Kids Diana Show has fans all over the world! Her Pretend play, catchy music videos and toy unboxings have been watched over 85+ Billion views.

They offer other 2-in-1 shops similar to this.  The Pet Grooming – Cotton Candy Cart and the Lemonade – Flower Stand.

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