Love Rubiks Cube? Then You Will Love These @WinningmovesUSA


Love Rubiks Cube? Then You Will Love These

I see the videos and reviews on Rubiks Cube and some people can solve these really quickly.  I can get started with a couple new toys from Rubik’s.

Rubik’s color Blocks is comprised of different shaped pieces, rather than cube lets of the same size. These different shaped and sized pieces make the puzzle even more challenging When it’s scrambled. You can also twist and turn the puzzle to achieve some incredible looking sculptures.

In it’s solved state, Rubik’s Colour block resembles the classic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube. However, that’s where the comparisons end. The Colour Block’s unique mechanism and different sized blocks result in the cube changing shape with every move you make, resulting in confusion!

It’s trickier that it looks. Mix the Rubik’s Edge up and try to get the colors realigned so that each side has only one color. The slim profile makes it a a great “go anywhere” Puzzle. Fiddle with it and try to form these shapes!

I am not good at the regular Rubik’s so I am hoping this will help me learn the best way to solve at least this one!  The cube parts move easily and are very well made.

Desiree had her birthday party sleepover last night and the girls had fun passing these around and trying their luck.  I could hear a lot of giggling in the other room.








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  1. I never figured out the original Rubik’s Cube, let alone this new colored one that can be turned into shapes. I pinned this so my grandkids can have fun too, like Desiree and her friends. I also like that it can be taken with on road trips to keep kids entertained. Thank you for sharing!

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