Loving My New Dog Portrait From Crown and Paw

crown and paw

Loving My New Dog Portrait From Crown and Paw

Buster looks messy most of the time and this portrait is exactly as the picture is.  Crown and Paw does unique photos that you can choose from several styles.  This is the Savant, a renaissance era portrait.

This is such a fun way to display my pet photos and will draw lots of conversation.  This is a perfect portrait and looks exactly as the photo of Buster including a couple of stuck up fur.  This is a high quality portrait with a hook on the back to place this portrait on the wall easily, as you can see I put mine up right away.

It is really easy to do.  Pick which style of portrait you like the best. They have portraits for both boys and girls, and they do both cats and dogs. Then upload your picture that follows their guidelines.  Add to cart and place your order.  The Crown and Paw takes over.

Their expert designers will create your personalized pet portrait with care and attention. Using proprietary design techniques, transformative photo re-touching and professional blending processes in their design house to produce your canvas art. They do not paint from scratch. They are a digital design team. Then they go through their quality check process.

• Take your pet photo at eye level with your pet
• It works best if the pet is looking away from the camera
• Try to make it a close up, so we can see your pet’s unique features
• Outdoor natural daylight always results in the best photos. Try to avoid bad lighting!
• Avoid uploading blurry photos
• Make sure no ears are out of frame!

They also make phone cases, posters, and more.

Crown & Paw is a fun-loving custom pet goods brand dedicated to helping pet owners express their love, adoration, and sometimes even their obsessiveness, with their beloved pets. They curate authentic 19th century portraits and rare Renaissance era oil paintings and combine them with pets of all shapes and sizes.

Crown & Paw

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  1. This is the perfect way to have a memory that will last for years to come. Our pets are an important part of the family, they deserve to have a beautiful photo.

  2. These are so nice. I would love one of our dog. Thank you for sharing this and the best way to take the picture. God Bless

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