LucandBell Bracelet Means Something To You


LucandBell Bracelet Means Something To You

Are you in the mood for a new bracelet?  Maybe you want to buy a meaningful gift for someone.  LucandBell bracelets each have an animal or special bead on them.  This wolf bracelet and all the bracelets mean “A small circle. Mighty friends.”. This make this gift personalized and special to each person that receive a bracelet.  This is made from sterling silver heart, ceramic animal bead, and glass beads.

Named and inspired by our two children, Lucas and Bella, who are cautiously navigating our complicated world of right and wrong, and learning ways to make it better. The bracelet was made to serve as a reminder for them to tap into their inner strength, and to believe that somewhere out there they have a “pack” to rely on.

There are several aspects of the bracelets, chosen for their specific symbolism:

Red bead – symbolizing strength and protection

We hope that if you choose to wear a LucandBell bracelet, you find your own true meaning behind the symbols, and you’re reminded that you are strong, kind and you’re not alone…

Waterproof. Animal beads may darken with wear. May stretch a little if taken on and off often.

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The silver heart is because you’re loved and in turn you share your love. The red bead in the bracelets symbolizes strength and protection.

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This bracelet is made from glass, porcelain & ceramic, and silver.  An animal bead – we specifically focus on animals with strong bonds to signify we are all a part of a bigger picture, stronger together.

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The Bead Bracelet Grey Elephant is made from sterling silver heart, ceramic animal bead, and glass beads.

A portion of the sales from each bracelet will be donated to help children in need.

All bracelets are made with love in San Diego.

Shop LucandBell to find a lot of your new favorites from jewelry to clothing to craft supplies and toys.  They have something for everyone. The bracelet I received will last for years.  Desiree took my bracelet cause she loved it so much, she did ask first lol.  These are available on Etsy!

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  1. I had to share the adorable jewelry on Facebook and Pinterest! This jewelry is so dainty, and memorable! This was an amazing idea that Lucas and Bella had! The fact they thought of giving back to children in need shows their compassion and big hearts 💕 The bracelet would make a great gift, as well as a reminder for people to tap into their inner strength! I am really proud of these children! I wish other would follow their lead!

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