Lugz Men’s Colorado Chukka Boots

Lugz Men's Colorado Chukka Boots

Lugz Men’s Colorado Chukka Boots

Men need tough shoes!  They normally are rough on shoes because they are outside in the different weather conditions and some of the rough areas.  These Lugz Men’s Colorado Chukka Boots are made Lugz tough.  Lugz is known for making great boots and work shoes and these boots really fit in nicely.

Lugz Men’s Colorado Chukka Boots look nice too.  I really like how they look.  These boots can be worn to work or for a night out on the town.  They are not as heavy that a lot of men’s boots are so their legs won’t get tired so quickly.

Check out the soles of these Lugz Men’s Colorado Chukka Boots.  The minute my husband seen them he was ready to take them out in the snow or dirt.  You won’t be slipping very easy when you wear these.

I love that you can get these in 4 different colors. Something for everyone on your list.  Sizes go up to size 13.  This has a tough exterior so they should last for a long time. This has a nice thick cushion on the inside so that you know he will be comfortable in these boots.

I like that they are not too high. They go a little above the ankle so he gets the ankle support men need while working in rough terrain.  Playing in the snow will be a lot more fun with these boots.

You can see how much support around the leg to keep these boots on and in place.  My husband loves how these looks and feel when he puts them on. He is picky about his shoes and his boots are important in our winters.  These boots are exactly what he needed.

Meet your new go-to, the Colorado boot. It wears like a sneaker, but performs like a boot. If you’re searching for a dependable and fashionable shoe to get you through a long day on your feet – these chunky soled hikers are for you.


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  1. These look like very comfortable and durable boots! We go hiking and camping and my husband is outdoors a lot, so he could definitely use these.

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