Lugz Women’s Amor Oxford Sneakers

Lugz Women's Amor Oxford Sneakers

Lugz Women’s Amor Oxford Sneakers

I want a comfortable shoe that doesn’t weigh me down.  These Lugz Women’s Amor Oxford Sneakers are really lightweight.  They are so light I forget to take them off. They have a nice looking design that you can wear anyplace. Lugz Women’s Amor Oxford Sneakers are something you will want all 5 colors so you have one to match purses or outfits.  Desiree has already threatened to steal them from me.

I love seeing the big orange boxes arrive. They are so well packaged so I know my shoes arrive exactly how they look online.

I like the slight heal on them.  They don’t really feel like you have a heal on. Elevate your style with the eye catching Women’s Amor fashion sneaker. With a sleek low-profile upper on a thick lightweight chunky sole, you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

I flipped this one upside down so you could see the interior.  It is padded all the way around the shoe and the bottom is amazing.  These Lugz Women’s Amor Oxford Sneakers are really comfortable to wear for hours.

One either side they look nice.  The logo is on the outside so everyone will see what shoes you love because they are going to want their own.

They look really sharp from the front.  These shoes can be worn for work or school.  Since Desiree likes them I would bet there are other girls of high school age that would love them also.

Check out these soles.  You won’t be slipping anytime soon with these.

What more can you ask for? Lightweight, secure sole, cushioned, and nice looking.  Plus remember they come in 5 different colors.  Some are a different material, like the blue ones look like suede.



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  1. These shoes look so comfortable! I love the look too, simple enough to wear every day yet stylish at the same time.

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