Lugz Womens Dutch 6-Inch Boot

Lugz Womens Dutch 6-Inch Boot

Lugz Womens Dutch 6-Inch Boot

Spring is coming and so are the muddy days.  Lugz Womens Dutch 6-Inch Boot will get you through the worst of it.  You can get yardwork done with these rugged boots.  Also Lugz Womens Dutch 6-Inch Boot can be a fashion accessory for any women.  There are so many outfits that these would look great with. Desiree loves these boots and they are built to last a long time.

This casual cool military-style ankle boot has a tough-chic vibe that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. These would go great with jeans or even certain dresses.  Teenagers love these boots.

While these are made to last they are lightweight so you won’t be weight down.  They are extremely comfortable with their cushioned insoles.  All of Lugz shoes are built to last and they did not forget these.  The seams are sewn with either triple seams and thick thread that make them have a classic look.

They are md-height landing about the calf. The lace up feature let you adjust these to fit your feet perfectly.  The metal eyelets helps them last a long time with the laces on them. These shoes are built to last a really long time.  Don’t buy another brand when you can get these at a reasonable price and you know you will be able to use them for a long time.

These are not a platform boot so not risk of hurting your ankles.  These are also great the minute you receive them.  No time to get use to them, they will be comfortable right away.

Desiree wore these to school, hang out with friends, and even shoveling snow.  They are really comfortable. These would be great for any woman who needs a work boot too. They come in white/black, wine, and this black.


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  1. Lugz is a comfortable and quality brand. Their boots are great for work or casual wear, because they are fashionable.

  2. These boots are so cute, I love them! I love the classic look of them, and they seem really durable and well made. I would definitely wear these!

  3. This boots are perfect for going out in the buggy for some hiking etc. I like the tread and that they are high ankle covered boots

  4. My teenage daughter would love these! She has a few pairs of combat boots, but not LUGZ! These are fabulous!

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