Lux The Principled Block Is For Everyone!

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Lux The Principled Block Is For Everyone!

When I received these I thought of other building blocks the kids use.  Once we opened them and started playing with the Lux pieces I realized how different they are.  You can build so much more with these and it can move once you build it.  Check out their video to see how cool they are.

The Lux blocks are not made just for kids.  Anyone can use them!  If you like puzzles like I do, I promise you will love these blocks.  You can design almost anything.  These bend at the connections so let your imagination go crazy.  They snap together easily and you can hear the click.

Lux Lux

I introduced them to Desiree and her friend that was spending the night.  Well they were immediately addicted.  They worked with these all night and again when they woke up in the morning.  That is a huge approval from 2 – 12-year olds.


We received 2 different sets which let us have plenty to do anything the girls wanted to.  The blocks can be shaped into triangle, circle, square, hexagon or pentagon.


Lux is made in the USA!  Lux was created by artist/inventor Michael Acerra because he and his wife Heather wanted to give the world a block that could build everything as nature does.  Lux revolutionizes the possibilities of construction block creations by combining innovative technology with nature’s design principles.


They are the perfect size for any hands.  The unique, patent-pending snap and lock hinge system allows you to create structures that flex, twist, and turn, while retaining strength and stability.  Now builders and innovators of all ages can use Lux to model machines, biological organisms, architecture — or whatever structures they can imagine!


These are more parts that are included that help you make a lot more.

Lux Lux



These are just some of the items the kids created and Desiree is still working with them.

2016-08-08 15.57.46

Lux is packaged and headquartered in Galesburg, Illinois.  Lux blocks and wooden accessories are produced in Illinois and Wisconsin.  They are proudly associated with Bridgeway, which packages their products and provides both services and employment to persons in need.

They have a lot of great information on their site including a store location so you can get your own set!

Visit and follow them today!




 I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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