Mabel’s Labels Helps Take Care of Kid’s Stuff

Mabels Labels

Mabel’s Labels Helps Take Care of Kid’s Stuff

Kids lose stuff that is just how it is.  If you don’t believe me look at the lost and found at the neighborhood elementary school.  Mabel’s Labels can help get that property returned to the rightful owner.  These labels adhere to almost anything and put their name so everyone will see it!

You don’t want the kids drinking from someone else’s water bottle.  Keep those germs where they belong and label their water bottle. You can do the same with all of their items including notebooks, clothing, shoes, and a lot more. The labels are even waterproof so no worries there!

These labels are great for small items.  Yeah you can even label them.  When kids go to daycare you want to keep track of all their stuff.  With these labels you can keep track of even the smallest items like pencils. The kids like to use these to put on toys they take for show and tell.

These labels are perfect for inside of shoes.  They take their boots off in the winter and may need to change into tennis shoes for gym.  You don’t want the expense of having to replace those things. So label everything that leaves your sight so you know it will come home.

All of these stickers come in the combo packs as well as individual.  The best deal is to buy the combo packs.  They have labels for every age group so you can label your own things too, like lunch containers in the fridge at work.

Mabel’s Labels features a variety of their bestselling name labels at a great price, their all-in-one label combo packs and sticky label kits are a fun and personal way to organize all your stuff while getting the best value for waterproof kid’s labels. Whether you need durable labels for daycare, school, camp or even birthday party ideas – they’ve got a value pack for everyone, all in one!

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  1. These labels are awesome! I love that they are waterproof and you can put them on just about anything! Kids are so bad about keeping track of their things, especially in public places. I know all 3 if my kids could use some of these for their belongings.

  2. I think Mabel’s Labels is fantastic for children’s school supplies. Wonderful to put on their water bottles or notebooks! A perfect gift too.

  3. I so need these! My son is about to start kindergarten and I have a bunch of stuff I need to put labels on. I’ve had cheap labels in the past that didn’t stick for very long, I’m really looking forward to trying some quality labels to see if they can last through the school year. I love all the cute designs!

  4. I put Mabel’s Labels on my grandsons lunch containers when he was in 4th grade. He just graduated from high school and those labels are still there and look brand new!

  5. These sound like a great way to label kids’ cups and snack containers! Thanks for the review!

  6. I know the back to school craziness will be here before we know it! I am already dreading it. Maybe Mabels Labels will make it a little easier! This is a great idea!

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