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Make-A-Fort Is So Much Fun!

Make-A-Fort Is So Much Fun!

Make-A-Fort Is So Much Fun!

When we were young we use to love to make a fort with just about anything.  Pillows and sheets always made a good fort for us.  Now with Make-A-Fort the kids get everything they need to build all kinds of forts.  Mom and Dad can help them build the ultimate fort they can hide in and play all kinds of imagination bursting games. Make-A-Fort makes parents life easy because kids can put this together. Make incredible forts, mazes, tunnels, castles, and more.


It’s brand new and the perfect toy to keep kids busy and having fun. Forts, mazes, puzzles, tunnels and mansions—there’s no limit to what you can create with Make-A-Fort. Each kit is made from recycled cardboard, so it’s safe for the environment. The panels are super strong, and there’s no need for adhesives. The panels also easily slide together, so you can use your imagination to make super cool designs. Your young artist can color the panels any way they wish. Make-A-Fort comes in an easy to store and comes in a special carrying case. The kits are available to be shipped nationwide. More information: www.makeafort.fun

The kids can play inside for hours during rainy days, snow days, or at night.  They can play with this for a long time and invite friends over for the coolest toy in a long time.

I really like the box it arrives in.  Store it in the same box.  Never worry about missing pieces when everything is stored together.  This is so much easier to clean up then all those pillows and sheets.

Hexagloo X3 Project made with 3 x Make-A-Fort Build Kits

Build bigger and better things with additional kits.  No need for kits for each thing you want to build.  The only thing that stops you is your imagination.  The above is made with 3 kits.  This would be perfect for someplace with lots of extra room.

Build and play inside incredible indoor forts, castles, mazes, tunnels, and more. Get kids off screens and engaged in creative real-world play. Spend quality time building and playing with the whole family. Endless play building and playing inside really big forts. Made from a reinforced cardboard that is strong, durable, and eco-friendly.

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  1. I love this ideal play with take apart …. This would be fun for when my great niece spends the day with me.

  2. What ab awesome idea, what kid doesn’t love making forts?! I know mine do and are constantly trying to find the best materials to do so. They would love this and would have a blast making forts with it! Thanks for sharing.

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