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Fresh Wave

It is the time of year for all the mugginess to bring out some of the odors no one wants to smell.  I have a back porch, where my dogs hang out, and the smell was embarrassing.  I recently went to a blogpaws conference and Fresh Wave let me try out some of their products, wow you would never know my dogs lay back there all the time.  Fresh Wave does not cover up the smell with another smell, these products actually get rid of the smell.  If it works on my back porch as well as it does, then it will work on anything!

Fresh Wave

I received this box of goodies to show you just a few of the products they sell.  First let me tell you about Fresh Wave.

Fresh Wave

They believe in their products’ ability to be tough on odors but gentle on the environment. When you use Fresh Wave, you can rest assured that you are using a product that will remove odors without doing any harm to you or your family.

Removing odors using natural ingredients! That’s what Fresh Wave is all about. No harsh chemicals. No heavy perfumes. No toxic ingredients. Which results in no more odor.

Fresh Wave

This is their Odor Removing Pet Shampoo.  My dogs get dirty and stinky in between visit to the groomer!  Especially when it rains, not sure why they have to get rained on and run into the mud, but when they come in it is gross.  There is nothing worse than a wet dog, and with 3 it is even worse!  I get them in the bath as soon as possible and this shampoo is wonderful.  My dogs no longer smell so bad.  I try to only use this now because I know it is safe and will not hurt them.  I recommend this for anyone with stinky dogs like mine.

Fresh Wave

So now the dogs are clean but my house smells, because while one was waiting the other 2 are spreading their smell and rubbing it on the floor.  Since I am not going to shampoo my carpet every time it rains, Fresh Wave has a couple of products that work great for in-between shampooing the carpet.  This is their Vacuum Beads.  These beads prevent vacuum exhaust odors.  Plus your vacuum smells great all the time.

Fresh Wave

This one is the perfect product for anyone, especially with a teen or pre-teen like mine.  She is a slob and I cannot take it.  Sometimes I am not sure what the smell is in her room and she is old enough to clean it herself, so Fresh Wave’s Odor Removing Spray to the rescue!  Plus the dog smell again is taken care of throughout my home.  I like to spray this right before someone walks in to visit, no odors that I am blind to because I am used to them.

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I received these products to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I have a cat and these products would be great to have. I have not heard of Fresh wave before. THank you for sharing.

  2. I have some of this and it is marvelous. I bought it after seeing it on a blog (you can tell them that!). I have thre dogs lounging and farting in my living room, what can I say!

  3. I have a chihuahua and she mostly goes outside and has an indoor potty for the very cold weather. You are right though, I found a couple of areas in a room we don’t use that odor was wafting from. I have tried a couple different products and of course cleaned the carpet but after it rained last night I checked and am not happy, I would these products.

  4. I love my three dogs and three cats (all rescues), but not so much the odors they can have. I worry about what products I use on them – not only that they are safe for my furbabies, but safe for the environment. I haven’t tried Fresh Wave products, but will definitely have to check them out.

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