Make Your Own Chocolate Bark With Wilderness Poets

Make Your Own Chocolate Bark With Wilderness Poets

Make Your Own Chocolate Bark With Wilderness Poets

I love chocolate bark and to be able make my own with Wilderness Poets is really nice. I will know it is fresh and has only the best ingredients. Wilderness Poets hand select Planet Earth’s finest nuts, seeds, berries, roots and leaves – the purest ingredients with nothing artificial added, ever.

Wilderness Poets chocolate is perfect all year but especially at the holidays. It tastes amazing and you can really tell the difference between store bought ingredients. It is nice that I can buy all the ingredients I need in one neat package. This makes it easier to know I have everything, except coconut oil, in one place.

Fresh ingredients like this vanilla powder. Pure Vanilla Powder is made from premium, whole, raw Tahitian Variety Vanilla beans that are sun-cured and ground to a powder. Pure Black Vanilla Powder! Talk about fresh tasting and gives a flavor you won’t believe.

They have consciously chosen foods to enhance a healthy diet with an abundance of nutrients such as antioxidants, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to bring you increased energy and vitality.

All of their Nut Butters and Trail Mixes are made in micro batches with the highest quality ingredients: always super fresh, delicious and made with care. Introducing their newest deliciously delightful creation: Song of Delight. This Raw Superfood Trail Mix is an excellent snack for hikers, travelers, active people, and Poets of all kinds. Add this wild mix to a salad or combine with granola to create a healthy, nutrient dense meal. I added it to the bark and talk about a big winner in my house.

Their cacao paste is made from deeply flavorful, heirloom variety cacao beans. The cacao pods are hand-selected for quality beans, which are sun-dried then lightly fermented to bring out the rich, aromatic flavor. The cacao is stone-ground below 120 degrees into a smooth paste. The cacao butter and powder are never separated from the bean. No other ingredients are added. This is the purest, unsweetened, raw cacao available.
Melt and use to make raw truffles, brittle, bliss balls and more.

As you can now see you won’t find fresher ingredients unless you went to where these are grown.  This really makes a difference in the flavor and everyone will want your recipes.

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  1. These products sound really fresh and delicious! I have never made my own chocolate bark before but I want to try now. I’m sure it’s extra good homemade.

  2. I also love chcolate bark, especially during the holidays. I like the idea of making my own as well, and using premium ingredients like these.

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