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Marshmallow Blaster This Is A Blast! @Zing_Toys

Marshmallow Blaster This Is A Blast

Marshmallow Blaster This Is A Blast!

Talk about having fun!  This Marshmallow Blaster is their Double Barreled Blaster. The blaster lets you shoot miniature marshmallows up to 40 feet. You can fire up to 50 marshmallows depending on how many you load. 2 magazines that hold 25 marshmallow each that are easy to remove and place back on, most kids will be able to do this easily. This is a blast! Even has a target you can cut out on the box.

Great for outdoor and indoor play. Top-rack dishwasher safe and it’s a great gift idea!

A shooter, a blaster, a bow & Mallow? This is the crazy world of edible ammo from Marshmallow fun. The award-winning Marshmallow Fun Company strongly believes that kids (and grownups) can have fun with food, especially when you can shoot marshmallows up to 40 feet at unsuspecting targets.

Marshmallow Blaster This Is A Blast

The operation of the gun is simple and straightforward: Pull the handle back while holding the barrel with your other hand, then push the handle in to shoot the marshmallows. This pump-action movement launches an individual marshmallow from each barrel alternately, in the fashion of a Gatling gun.

The blue handle is constructed with an open finger grip and finger grooves and can be used by either right- or left-handed kids.

With two barrels, this toy gun has double the power of a regular marshmallow gun. The dual barrels allow for fast, continuous shooting as they alternately release a marshmallow. The magazines hold up to 20 marshmallows each, so kids can get plenty of shots in before stopping to reload. Because they are dishwasher-safe, these barrels are also easy to clean.

Fill the barrels of this gun with soft, edible marshmallows for hours of fun. Unlike a water gun, marshmallow guns are in season all year long. The sugary confections make a relatively small mess, so kids can bring the fun indoors when the weather turns cold.

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  1. This shooter is something that I think my grandkids would safely enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

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