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Merge Cube – Holograms You Hold In Your Hands

The Merge Cube merges the physical and digital worlds using augmented reality technology and the powerful camera and sensors in your mobile device. It’s the first object of its kind, and it’s fundamentally changing the way people interact with technology. Now you can hold a galaxy in the palm of your hand, examine fossils and ancient artifacts like a real archaeologist, watch as a volcano erupts before your eyes, and play games in ways never possible before!

Merge Cube - Holograms You Hold In Your HandsThe world’s first holographic toy you can hold in the palm of your hand

  • Merges the physical and digital worlds — it’s virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in one!
  • Works using your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
  • Can also be used with compatible VR/AR goggles
  • Download free apps and games at the Merge Miniverse online

Merge Cube - Holograms You Hold In Your Hands

Holographic Play
The Merge Cube gives you the power to control holograms! Play, explore, and learn in magical new ways. Find new kinds of games, puzzles, and experiences at the Merge Miniverse online.

AR, VR & Mixed Reality
The cube merges the physical and digital reality – It’s virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality all in one. It’s Merge Reality! Welcome to the future.

Works with iOS & Android
Use your iOS or Android device to power the Merge Cube, and download apps to magically transform the Merge Cube into anything you can imagine! Works with tablets and smartphones.

Compatible with VR/AR Goggles
Super power your experience with VR/AR Goggles!

Free Apps and Games 
Get free Merge Cube Apps for every Merge Cube you purchase.

Merge Cube - Holograms You Hold In Your Hands

It’s about the size of a Rubik’s cube and feels like a stress ball. You have to hold it so that a flat surface is facing your phone – it doesn’t get angles.

Setup was very simple on various iPhones (6S thru iPhone X) as well as an iPad Mini. There aren’t tons of apps for it at the moment but the ones that are available provided plenty of entertainment and I’m confident more are coming.






I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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