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Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug Innovative. Stylish. Intuitive.

Mighty Mug has product that are so unique everyone should own these.  Guess what the

y don’t tip over.  Yeah it is hard to believe but it is so true.  Perfect for kids and even better for adults.  Check out their video below of their Mighty Mug, it is awesome.

This is a super short video so it takes less than a minute to see how this Mighty Mug works.  This is not their only product so let me show you a few below.

This is Mighty Mug’s Ice, love just the look of this cup.  This is great for travel, running errands, working at the computer, boating, airplanes, almost anything.

Mighty Mug

Keep your drink at the perfect temperature with this double wall, sweatproof mug,  The Mighty Mug Ice fits directly into your car cup holder, and includes a flex straw for convenient sipping. You can use it as a coffee mug or for iced tea, soda pop and more. The tumbler is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. It also contains an easy to clean flip lid to avoid leaks.

Mighty Mug Mighty Mug

With a double wall Tritan construction and patented Smartgrip Technology, this tumbler will keep your hands dry and your beverages chilled. Able to withstand knocks from 360 degrees, Mighty Mug will not topple over if bumped into, but lifts up naturally when you go in for a sip. Unlike regular cups that fall over and ruin everything around you, Mighty Mug, has been designed and engineered to prevent spills and provide the best drinking experience.

Next is Mighty Mug’s To Go Thermomug,  This is fitted with a built-in coaster featuring the Smartgrip technology, this mug will not topple or dance when your elbow hits it accidentally. The lift of the mug is totally natural allowing you to sip delicious drinks without the fear of spillage.

Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug

This is a 16 ounce mug, so you will have plenty of hot liquid, especially in the winter.  Mighty Mug is powered by our innovative and patented Smartgrip Technology. Simply place Mighty Mug down on your desk and it creates a powerful airlock which allows Mighty Mug to resist accidental knocks to help avoid spills. When you lift Mighty Mug the pressure is instantly normalized allowing the airlock to release and Mighty Mug to lift naturally. You need to try it to believe it.

Yeah they have almost every kind of drinking glass, mug, etc. that you can think of.  Now you can entertain with no worries of spills ruining your clothes, furniture and carpet.  These are the perfect size for adult drinks so no worries if someone has a little too much.

Mighty Mug Mighty Mug

These I love to use everyday.  They are the perfect size 16 ounces pint glass.  My husband has used these everyday since they came.  He is known for tipping over his drinks and this one really doesn’t tip over, wow no more stained carpet.  This alone will save me time and money from shampooing the carpet all the time.

Last is the Might Mug Mini 12 ounce.  So people do not want a large amount of coffee, so this is perfect for them.  Vacuum insulated to keep beverages Hot for up to 4 hours and Cold for up to 12 hours!

Mighty Mug Mighty Mug

I like that you can close the spout so it will not spill when carrying your drink to and from places.

All of Mighty Mug’s products are impressive and the Smartgrip function never wears out and is guaranteed to work on any smooth, flat surface.  They offer a variety of items on their website and on Amazon.  Why buy other mugs, thermos, or barware when these are not going to be spilled, costing you a lot more in the long run!  Mighty Mug Innovative. Stylish. Intuitive.

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I received these product to give my honest opinion.


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