Million Stories From The Singleton Foundation Partners

Million Stories From The Singleton Foundation Partners


Partnership Inspires Entrepreneurship and Aims
to Make Financial Competence Fun, Engaging
and Accessible for Everyone

Teaching kids about money can be tough.  Once they get it they want to spend it. Now is the time to start. Million Stories can help make it fun to learn about and do.

Los Angeles – April 29, 2020 – The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship announces today a partnership with Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) to promote the entrepreneurial spirit on college campuses around the world. The strategic partnership helps advance the missions of both organizations as they approach entrepreneurship and financial literacy in unique ways.

The Singleton Foundation uses the power of entertainment in its Million Stories Media and Venture Valley Game projects to make financial competence fun and engaging for everyone while promoting entrepreneurship and inspiring individual achievement.

Million Stories is a new, free digital lifestyle and entertainment channel that offers a wide variety of bite-sized original programming with a focus on career, money, and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Venture Valley is a free exciting multiplayer game that allows users to start their own business and then to grow it into a virtual empire, with the opportunity to win real-world prizes. As users compete against each other for in-game rankings and online competitions, they benefit by gaining business and financial skills that will help them in their own lives.

Million Stories From The Singleton Foundation Partners

To encourage the kids to think more about saving money get a kit similar to this where they can set aside money for something they want later, or for a savings account. Kids should think more about saving money. By giving them incentives for savings this will make them want to save more.

I like this set because they can decorate 3 different banks for different things they want to save for.  They need to realize there is always more than one thing they might want, or need, to save for. This will reinforce what they will learn with the Million Stories.

About the Singleton Foundation
The mission of the Singleton Foundation is to make financial competence fun and engaging for everyone by using the power of entertainment to capture attention, create change, promote entrepreneurship, and to inspire individual achievement. The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship is a 501(c)(3).


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