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Misty Mate Will Keep You Cool

When I get hot it is hard to cool down until I get my face wet, which help a lot.  Well now with Misty Mate I no longer have to go wash my face, which sometimes is impossible, but I can spray my face with a fine mist that helps cool me off immediately.  Desiree likes to use this on long bike rides.

MistyMate MISTPRO 3 THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL MISTER The ultra slim, lightweight and highly versatile MISTPRO 3 is the hand-held personal mister of tomorrow – delivering premium performance and continuous ultra-fine mist on command. Entirely human powered, the MISTPRO 3 pressurizes easily via an integrated hand pump and at the push of a button it propels an ultra-fine mist that provides temperate climate control in high heat conditions. MISTPRO 3 forces pressurized air and water through its specialized misting nozzle, atomizing liquid H2O into micro particles that flash-evaporate and dramatically cool the surrounding air temperature up to 30°F. With a fluid capacity of 3. 0 oz. (88. 7 mL), the MISTPRO3 incorporates the latest in design, materials and performance to deliver the most elegant and exceptional “mist cooling” experience. Use the MISTPRO 3 to control your climate with unparalleled style.

  • Patented, world-class personal mist-cooling device
  • Premium, high-grade materials and custom components
  • Propels continuous high-pressure, ultra-fine mist that cools ambient air temperature up to 30°F (16°C)
  • Specialized nozzle atomizes fluid H2O into micro particles that flash-evaporate on contact
  • Pressurizes quickly via retractable, integrated pump
  • Push-button activates mist-flow on command
  • Durable, futuristic design maintains pressure under various external conditions
  • Entirely human-powered – requires no batteries or electricity of any kind
  • Fluid capacity of 3. 0 oz. (88. 7 mL). Meets current TSA carry-on guidelines*
  • Lasts up to 1-4 hours with intermittent use on a single fill

This is what it looks likes.  It is 7″ H x 1.5″W x 1 3/8″.  It is a sturdy plastic that fits perfectly in your hand.  It is easy to push the button, soft and easy to dispense water.  On the inside you will see what it takes for this to work encased in another plastic secure tube.

The picture on the left, of the top, you can see the button in yellow near the back.  You can remove the top completely to fill the bottom with distilled water, then put the top on.  I left some space so the water would not spill out.  On the bottom, right side, you unscrew this to pump it once to fill it with all that is needed to push the water out when the button is pushed.

This Misty Mate is great for sunbathing, hiking, watching and playing sports, and so much more.  I will use this a lot.  No batteries needed. This will last a long time, with the sturdy material each part is made from.  This would make a great gift for people

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  1. This is an awesome little device! It would definitely be handy (and lifesaving) in our extreme heat (Texas)! It can be so dangerous to be outside when the heat index gets up to 109. Thank you so much for sharing!

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