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Mommy I’m Here Child Locator with Alert @OSA_Kids

Mommy I’m Here Child Locator with Alert

Find little wanderers fast, with this audible child locator! This receiver/transmitter set has a 150 foot range and alerts you with a beep when kids step more than 40 feet away. Easy to use: clip the bear-shaped receiver to your child’s shoe or belt, and hold onto the pocket-sized transmitter. If you lose sight of your child, press the transmitter button, and the receiver will sound repeatedly and loudly (90 decibels), leading you to your lost child. Great for travel, theme parks, outings, and airports. Water-resistant tracking device is FCC certified. Receiver is 2 3/4″L x 2 1/4″W x 1 1/4″H; transmitter with keychain is 2 3/4″L x 1 1/2″W x 1/2″H. Four cr2032 lithium batteries and one 12v mini battery included.

  • Wireless child location
  • Works from over 150-Feet away
  • Water resistant
  • Long Life batteries already installed and ready to use
  • Stylish and fun with new rubberized feel

The new Mommy I’m Here Alert Child Locator with Distance alarm actually warns you when your child wanders approximately thirty-Feet away. Designed by parents, for parents, to give the best possible protection against child loss and abduction. Over eight hundred thousand times per year, a child is lost in the United States, leading to over fifty thousand real abductions. This is why you need the new, Mommy I’m Here Alert electronic Child Locator! It is easy to use and is like an invisible leash for kids. The new, Mommy I’m Here Alert Child Locator is so cute that your kids will want to wear it. Here’s how it works: When your child wanders out of an approximate 30 foot range, your convenient keychain remote transmitter will sound a loud alarm, Alerting you to the fact that your child has wandered. Then, simply press the button on your keychain remote transmitter to set off the alarm on the bear, Alerting others to the situation your child may be facing, stopping a potential abduction and allowing you to find your child.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

The new Alert is a unique light blue color for both girls and boys, and features a soft, rubberized feel. The locator will work from over 150-Feet away, is easy to use, water-resistant and comes with long-life batteries already installed and ready to use, right out of the packaging. The Mommy I’m Here cl-305BL electronic Child Locator comes with instructions, a sturdy mounting loop for lacing into the shoes(recommended), child’s belt, or suspenders. The world is growing more dangerous, give the new Mommy I’m Here Alert a try!

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

I cannot tell you how many times, when my kids were little, I could have used this.  All it takes is seconds and they can hide or wander away.  My older grandkids do it and I still panic!

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

Keep relaxed and aware of your child’s whereabouts with the Mommy I’m Here Alert, a small two-unit wireless device that alerts you when your child has gone out of a 25-foot range. The cute, blue, teddy-bear-shaped unit mounts easily to a child’s shoe or belt. Ideal in public environments such as malls, the unit communicates with a keychain transmitter you keep on hand, quickly producing an audible alert when a child has wandered too far.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

If you often find yourself worried for your child’s security in public venues, or simply want to keep track of his or her location, the Mommy I’m Here Alert is your answer. This unique, fun-themed wireless child locator system is a great way to keep track of your child in any public location, such as a mall, airport, theme park, or sporting arena

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

The locator is a two-unit system–one that attaches to your child and one you keep with you. When your child strays out of a 25-foot range, a chirp-like alert sounds from your unit, so you’re immediately aware that he or she has wandered from a secure distance. If you can’t find your child right away, you can activate the 86-decibel alarm on your child’s unit, allowing you to find him or her quickly and easily.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

The locator works from over 150-feet away, making it perfect for large venues and outdoor areas. The units establish their own proprietary frequency with each use, so inter-unit communication is strong and reliable.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

The playful teddy-bear-shaped receiver comes in a bright blue color. The receiver comes with a sturdy mounting loop, so it can be attached easily to a child’s shoelaces, Velcro straps, or belt, becoming a cute accessory for them and unbeatable reassurance for you.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

If you’ve ever dealt with physical locator solutions like leashes or harnesses, you will appreciate the wireless design of this locator. With the Mommy I’m Here Child Alert, you can keep your leashes on your pets and walk freely with your child without worry.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

Designed by parents for parents, the Mommy I’m Here offers several realistic assets any parent or guardian will appreciate. To begin with, it comes pre-installed with batteries, so you can start using it right away. Have a long day of activities planned? With this locator, it’s no problem–the long-life batteries deliver hours of operation. And because it’s engineered with active children in mind, the receiver is sturdy and water-resistant.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator with Alert

Anyone nearby is instantly in the know that the child is not where they should be, and if they don’t stop your child, there’s no way they’ll forget which way they went.  This is so easy to use and well worth any price, for the peace of mind knowing your child is close!

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  1. This is quite a nice gadget. I would like to obtain one, so I am looking into it. Thanks for the nice review.

  2. I once lost sight of my daughter at a craft show. I panicked because I had no idea where she went. She was only 18 months old, so couldn’t talk much. I finally found her outside with some other children. I was so relieved! If she had been wearing this, I would have been able to find her quicker. This item is worth the price for the peace of mind you get from it.

  3. This looks like a handy way to keep track of your kids when away from home and that it works in a 150 feet perimeter.

  4. i sincerely hope i never bneed this but now i think its a necessity for peace of mind

    1. Little ones can disappear in seconds, usually hiding from us they think it is funny but they do not understand the panic. One of my granddaughter’s when she was little was always the last one and had to look at everything, we always had to watch her extra close. Plus kids that are a little hyper can run faster than me!

  5. Great for use with the little one at the mega playground near my house. This is a fantastic idea.

  6. I think this could give me piece of mind knowing that I have it for my granchildren, it only takes a second for them to slip away out of sight

  7. I just love this idea for my grandchildren. All you need to do is look away for a second and lose them. I will be checking this out. It would bring alot of comfort to me

  8. I definitely want to get one of these for my son. He’s pretty good at staying with me but I am a nervous wreck especially in crowds.

  9. this is an amazing product very useful i have two young grandsons and i would love this for myself thanks for sharing i love how i can keep track of them with the hand held devise …this is a great piece of mind for this grandma…

  10. The peace of mind this would give me would be priceless! Whenever I take my children to busy venues, I get so nervous that they could get separated. This would help make our outings so much more enjoyable. And I love that the signal is so reliable!

  11. I love how this can locate your child, Amazing tool this is , I also like that it has a long life from the battery and it is adorable looking

  12. What a great idea for a young child to wear! This would be great for parents when visiting a theme park.

  13. This is great. I am always worried about my grandchildren wandering away. It just takes a second. This would make me feel much more comfortable. Thank you for sharing

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