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My Class Tracker

We have to show kids how to keep track of things so they know what to expect.  My Class Tracker helps them keep track of everything they have to do for their classes.  They have a lot of assignments due and they need to know they will be ready to get the best grade possible.  My Class Tracker gives them room to write down and be responsible for their own work.

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At the beginning they can keep track of class they may take during the summer.  With all the online school this year I know this would have helped Desiree to keep track of things a little better. My Class Tracker helps them to set goals by habit or achievement.  This can include things outside of school like walking or running each day or by working on big projects each day or week. There is also a clear tab that can be set into the spiral so it stays there and will make the current week.

student planner

At the top this starts with the date and things to remember to do.  Then there is the next section which is where they can keep track of everyday things like tests, papers, and projects. There is even more room under assignments so they can see when they were assigned.  At the bottom they can put what activities they have to go to or get done.

This gives them a place to write when things are due and maybe practices or concerts.  This can really help them get a handle of what they need to do each day and plan something fun for days they have clear.

They also have these nice tabs they can use to mark the month or important dates etc.

My Class Tracker planners help students feel prepared and productive at all points along the educational journey and beyond. Years of research have lead to the design of their Ultimate Student Planner which truly maximizes learning potential to help students succeed.

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