My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is a miraculous match of premium ice cream wrapped in pillowy, sweet mochi dough. Available in 8 incredible flavors, it’s the most fun ice cream has ever been! At just 110 calories per ball, it is the perfect, portion-controlled, grab n’ go snack. These colorful, delectable balls can be found at a store near you at mymomochi.com/find-a-store.

My/Mo is a miraculous match of magnificent mochi dough with marvelously mouthwatering ice cream. But if you had to describe it with just one word, it’d be “Mmmmm.” These mind-blowing mouthfuls come from master mochi makers who methodically mix and meld the mushy mochi with milky, melty ice cream. The result? A majestic marriage of mesmerizing flavors that’ll make you say, “Mmmmore!”

I wanted to share just a few of the comments on Amazon.

Best day ever!! We already knew we loved my mo mochi, but our grocery store only sold strawberry and green tea flavors. So we ordered this pack with all the flavors. It comes packed in dry ice, so bonus!!! My kids (homeschooled, ages 16, 13 and 10) and I got to experiment with dry ice (safely, with gloves) for the rest of the day. Also learned about mochi and Japanese culture. Favorite flavor now is mango, but they’re all yummy.

If you like Mochi & ice cream this is the perfect product. This variety pack allows to find your favorite.

If you have never tasted MyMo’s Double Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream, then do yourself a favor and pick up a box or three. It’s got an amazing mouth-watering texture, and the chocolate is perfect: light and not too sweet. This is much better than eating a pint of ice cream or an ice cream bar. I am confident you’ll become a fan after one bite.

These are so creamy, the ice cream is beyond belief they are awesome.  Desiree did not give me the chance to try the chocolate so those must have been good too!

Between my husband, Desiree, my daughter, granddaughter, and myself not one of these ended up back in the freezer.  The strawberry flavor was just like eating a huge strawberry the flavor was just that close.  The salter caramel was also rich and full of caramel flavor, I love them both.  I cannot pick a favorite but I know which flavor is Desiree’s.

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  1. We have tried the green tea and the mango flavors so far. I really liked the green tea and my son loved both. It is a nice alternative to ice cream, just different and alike enough.

  2. I love the colors and packaging of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. I would be so happy to try any flavors especially Cookies and Cream flavor.

  3. I have been seeing these every where online lately, but I have yet to try them! I really need to because they sound delicious!!

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