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National Geographic Kids Weird But True About The 50 States @mediamastersbks

National Geographic Kids Weird But True About The 50 States

National Geographic Kids Weird But True About The 50 States

Did you know the tribune building in Chicago contains rocks from The Great Pyramid, Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb, The Alamo, and The Colosseum in Rome?  That is just one of the fascinating facts you will learn in this National Geographic Kids Weird But True About The 50 States.

This is a fun book for traveling or just being bored at home, for kids and adults.  I found it really interesting!  What a fun way to learn and to teach your kids about the different things that are in the book.  I think all kids will love this book, it is written in different fonts and great photos.

It’s weird. It’s true. And now, it’s red, white, and blue! Explore the wonderfully wacky side of the United States of America Weird But True! style.

Calling all patriots! Get ready to explore wacky wonders, facts, stats, tidbits, and trivia about America’s 50 states and territories! Did you know that there is a floating post office in Michigan? Or that a library book checked out by George Washington was returned to a New York City library 221 years late? Maybe you’d be amazed to discover that the ink used to print U.S. paper money is magnetic? In this latest and greatest edition of Weird But True!, you’ll encounter all kinds of bizarre people, places, events, and things that make our country great.

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  1. My daughter loves these fun National Geographic Kids books. She is starting to learn about geography at school, so this is perfect for her.

  2. This would be such an interesting book to read, I love learning new things about all of the states! This is definitely one that I want to get my kids, thank you so much for sharing!

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