Natural Sleep Aid With Rooted In

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Natural Sleep Aid With Rooted In

We all need to get enough sleep at night. Sometimes we just don’t sleep well and we end up taking something that helps us sleep. Next time, rather than turn to medicine, get Rooted In Rest Therapeutic Moisturizer. This cream works different and helps us sleep better without any medicine. That means no bad side effects.

We all feel more anxious, stressed and overwhelmed than ever before.  Rooted In helps us get a better nights sleep so that we can feel better during the day. Are racing thoughts and anxious feelings preventing you from getting the rest your body deserves? Do your legs twitch, jump and cramp at night keeping you from getting comfortable enough to fall asleep? Do you spend hours staring at the ceiling, wishing you could just fall back to sleep again? Do you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and exhausted from not getting enough deep sleep?

What if I told you that one little known mineral could free you from the nightly struggle you have falling and staying asleep….And it comes in the form of an ultra hydrating moisturizer you use on your skin?

This wonder mineral is magnesium, and it’s vital for your health & wellbeing.

Our bodies NEED magnesium to function properly, but despite this, up to 70% of people don’t get the minimum amount needed every day to function at their best. Magnesium activates your parasympathetic nervous system, signaling your brain when it’s time to unwind and rest. It also helps regulate the sleep hormone melatonin, which tells your body that it’s time to relax. Magnesium works best when it’s applied topically, making Rooted In Rest Cream an incredibly effective (and easy-to-use!) way get extra magnesium and a no-brainer addition to your nighttime skincare routine.

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Rest Cream is the perfect way to end your evening and signal your body that it’s time to go to sleep.

Want to drift off to sleep easily with a calm mind and relaxed body (and get SUPER soft skin)? Meet their ultra soothing Rest Cream.

Massage a teaspoon to tablespoon amount of the silky-smooth, mineral-rich, non-greasy, nourishing Body Butter on your chest, legs and feet when you hop into bed.

Use nightly. Especially great to use after long, stressful days and in the evening when you want to settle down and relax before going to sleep.

This smells great!  I wanted to help others than have trouble sleeping like I do so I wanted you to be introduced to this cream.

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