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NatureZway Eco-Friendly, Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

We all need to do our fair share of “greening” our lives.  We need to recycle and buy more recycled items.  Anything we can do that is eco-friendly will help.  Well NatureZway has the solutions with Eco-Friendly, Chemical-Free Cleaning Products!  We can all do it together to make the world a better place to live.

Their products are safe to use. They make their items from bamboo and other naturally sustainable materials.  They really make it easy to do our part in the “green” process.  They offer a lot of variety like toilet paper, paper towels, sponges, cleaning cloths and vegetable brush.  I received each one of the above and I was so happy to learn about new ways, that do not take a lot of time, I can go green.

Bamboo is from the grass family and is easily renewable.  It is self-generating when cut.  bamboo does not require any pesticides or fertilizers.  Bamboo also protects soil from erosion. Bamboo is fast-growing and it matures in 3 year, while taking up less space, uses less water, reduces greenhouse gases, and captures more harmful CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton. NatureZway uses the bamboo that pandas never eat, so they know they will not take their food supply.


NatureZway’s cost-effective (and Panda-Friendly) Bamboo Products include eco-alternatives to Paper Towels 100 times more absorbent than conventional brands, along with super-absorbent Bath Tissues, Sponges, Cloths, Brushes, Compostable Trash Bags, Pet Waste Bags, Floor Wipes and more.

Their perforated towels are made with rayon made from bamboo.  These towels are washable and reuseable.  They can be rinsed and reused up to 100 times or more.  This is always a plus since they can cost more but overall you will save money since they can be reused.  They feel like a paper towel made from felt.  Very thick and tough to help you clean anything!  They can be used anyway you would use a rag or paper towels, like windows, kitchen, bathroom, and more.

Their toilet paper is soft, super strong, and absorbent. It is 100% BPA free and uses no recycled material.  These products will leave no or minimal harm to the earth after disposal.  This is septic safe.

NatureZway’s All Purpose Cleaning Cloths are also made from rayon made from bamboo, this is just amazing to me what they can do with bamboo.  These cloths are very soft and can be used to clean almost anything.  These can absorb more than any I have seen before.  You can machine wash and dry these.  Their sponges are the same way, with a felt like material on one side and fuzzy feeling material that can be used to scrub tougher spots.

Last is their Bamboo Vegetable Brush with natural fiber bristles.  The wood looking part is made from bamboo and the bristles are made from tampico plant.  This plant allows greater water absorption than plastic brushes.  These bristles are still stronger than a normal brush.  This is going to last me a long time.

All of their products are great and help us to save money while being eco-friendly so we can do our part.  No matter how much we do, as long as we each do something, we can help make this world a better place to live.

Going green has never been easier, safer with eco-friendly cleaning products from NatureZway. We all know that our world, environment and home is filled with toxic chemicals. NatureZway is dedicated to help make the world a better place for you and your family.  


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  1. I’m still loving these bamboo products more and more! Not just because they work, but because they are helping to save our planet!
    That’s says it all. I pinned this. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. These seem like wonderful products. The bamboo vegetable brush would be used every day in my home! Also, I love how the paper towels say they are re-usable! That is too cool!

  3. These products look great–I love to use eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products in my home!

  4. I only use natural cleaning products in my home, and these products look amazing. I love all the quality materials. I could totally use all of these items. I don’t have a vegetable brush, and love this one.

  5. I am looking for more natural cleaning products!! I hate all the harsh chemicals that are so commonly used and perhaps could eventually lead to health problems or poisoning!

  6. I have been switching to eco and natural products more and more to protect the environment and as well as the health of my family. These products sound wonderful!

  7. I want this really bad. I love that it comes in several ways to filter the water. It’s affordable too

  8. I guess I am just old school and set in my ways, but I am learning! The more I read about bamboo and green products, I am coming around!! I started using Seventh Generation products and am not disappointed! So I know I would like these products also! I am really becoming a bamboo expert. I wonder why we didn’t capitalize on this before. It’s not too late! This was pin worthy!

  9. I only use natural cleaning products for my home, especially since I have young children. I am really interested in all of these products and love that they are chemical free and eco friendly.

  10. NatureZway Eco-Friendly, Chemical-Free Cleaning Products all seem terrific to try. I would like to try first the Bamboo Bath Tissue.

  11. Bamboo seems to be the hot new element of the year or more. The new trays I just bought were bamboo and so were a couple of other products. I was hesitant to buy a couple of the items, because my conception of bamboo was that it wasn’t that strong or waterproof. But I was wrong, because the bamboo tray I bought Haddish those qualities and more! Plus it is very attractive.

  12. I have not tried any products made with bamboo. I like that they are environmentally friendly!

  13. I would love to try any of these wonderful products. They seem effective, safe and economical to use.

  14. All of these products sound awesome! I love that they are chemical free, I try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I think I would get the most use out of the cleaning cloths. I love bamboo and all of its uses, it really is amazing!

  15. It makes sense to use eco-friendly products. They work well and are healthier for people and the environment.

  16. I have had a few bamboo items over the years and loved them. This company and the products are new to me but they sound very interesting

  17. I can tell you are passionate about eco-friendly products. I wish everybody had your knowledge and desire for these products and this lifestyle.

  18. I learned bamboo is in the grass family. I bought bamboo floors 13 yr. ago and never knew that. Good thing I am not allergic to bamboo as I am allergic to all grasses. Weird.

  19. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about bamboo based products lately. I love how eco-friendly this brand is! It’s definitely one I’d like to try.

  20. I recently invested in new bed linens made from bamboo, and I love them. Unbelievable softness. I’d imagine the NatureZway products are especially soft, too.🧺

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