New Easter Candy That Is Fun To Play With

Easter Candy That Is Fun To Play With

New Easter Candy That Is Fun To Play With

Kids get tired of the same old candy.  There is now some new Easter candy that is fun to play with and taste great.  How about edible slime or candy egg yolks with a collectible surprise inside the egg.  These are both egg shaped so they are perfect for the Easter basket plus the colors add to make the basket look great. I am always looking for something different for Easter baskets and these are perfect.  This is something they didn’t have before so they will be excited to try something new.

Foodie Surprise Yolkies

Foodie Surprise Yolkies where you just crack open the egg to find edible, candy slime (mimicking a raw egg; clear slime with a gummy candy yolk). Unscrew the bottom compartment of the egg to find your Yolkie collectible! Each original Yolkie character comes in a food themed costume which is interchangeable with the other Yolkie characters. 12 in total to collect!

Yolkies are the first collectable toy including delicious slime you can eat! Inside each Yolkies package is a yummy candy slime “egg white,” gummy yolk, and an adorable egg yolk character with surprise costume! There are 12 Yolkies to collect in Season 1, collect them all and show off your Foodie favorites today! So much fun to collect and eat!

This is what the egg looks like inside.  See the yoke inside.  This flavor was lemon.  The little character is super cute at about 1 inch tall.  The eggs are fun but I have to warn you they are a messy so have a plate under them.

Foodie Surprise Candy Slime Egg

Foodie Surprise Candy Slime Egg Open up the egg to find which edible candy slime and fun mix-ins you received! Each blind purchase comes with flavored slime and candy mix ins. Slime is available in flavors such as Yellow Orange, Pink Cotton, Red Strawberry, Green Apple, Purple Blueberry and Clear Fruitty. Mix-ins include edible glitter, star candy, crunchy candy and more. The kids can customize their new slime to make it ever more fun.

These will be the perfect Easter candy that is fun to eat. Let them play with their candy and have more fjun than ever with their Easter baskets.

This is the slime with something special to mix in it.  This one is grape with edible sparkles in it.

Both of these are easy to open even for this ones. The kids are gonna have fun with these.

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