Nicaragua Medium Coffee

Nicaragua Medium Coffee

Nicaragua Medium Coffee

Sometime all I want is a good cup of coffee, little cream and sugar.  Just a good coffee that is not bitter and tastes great.  Nicaragua Medium Coffee satisfies my tastebuds perfectly. It is smooth and helps me wake up in the morning.

Without my coffee I can get a little testy so I have to get this in my system as soon as possible.  I don’t want a bitter aftetrtaste to ruin my enjoyment of the coffee. Nicaragua Medium Coffee is a full bodied roast with a little cocoa and vanilla flavor. It tastes great and wakes me up.

It comes from 1 source so you know exactly where your coffee comes from. Coffee roasts form a single origin are known for being more flavorful, more complex in their taste and possess distinctive characteristics that are based upon specific area where the particular coffee was grown.

Broad Street Roasters Single Origin Coffee

Ripe Coffee Cherries are picked at there peak from the Las Segovias region of Nicaragua to deliver this balanced cup of Single Origin Coffee. It boasts a medium acidity, with full body, and hints of cocoa and vanilla.

They only make this in small batches to make for sure it is just right! This brings out the full roasted quality and the best flavor for each bean.  Single Origin coffees have become popular because of their traceability, but they are so much more! Beans from different countries, regions, and farms lend themselves best to certain roast levels. By working closely with the growers Two Rivers roast their beans to perfection, bringing out the best taste smoothness, and unique flavor profiles.

Coffee makes a great housewarming gift or a gift for anytime during the year.  Once they try this they will want more.  My husband and I both enjoy this coffee. I have never had trouble with these in my Keurig and they always brew a great cup of coffee, everytime.



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  1. My Mom was a coffee lover and I have a cousin who really enjoys it, too. This would definitely be a great gift for her.

  2. Sometimes I try a little something different as far as coffee goes, and would love to try this! Thank you for the review!

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