Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee

Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee

Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee

If you like a good cup of medium blend coffee, then you will love the Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee!  This is the best cup of coffee my husband has had in a long time.  He wants just coffee with no flavor and just a little cream and this is his new favorite! Grab the variety pack on amazon.

Broad Street Roasters Single Origin Coffee

Nicaragua Coffee is smooth and doesn’t leave any aftertaste. For a medium coffee it is stronger than we are use too, but wonderful. Broad Street Roasters makes this coffee and they have a great variety of coffees.

Wake up with this cup of coffee and you will be ready for a full day.  Have a cup in the afternoon to get rid of the afternoon slump.  It will help make you day go by fast and you will feel better about completing all of your daily jobs.

Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee

Ripe Coffee Cherries are picked at there peak from the Las Segovias region of Nicaragua to deliver this balanced cup of Single Origin Coffee. It boasts a medium acidity, with full body, and hints of cocoa and vanilla.

Single Origin coffees have become popular because of their traceability, but they are so much more! Beans from different countries, regions, and farms lend themselves best to certain roast levels. By working closely with the growers we roast our beans to perfection, bringing out the best taste smoothness, and unique flavor profiles. One sip, and you’ll agree.

Broad Street Roasters is a part of Three Rivers Coffee Roasters and as always top quality with the perfect flavor!

Follow Broad Street Roasters on Facebook to learn more.  This maked a great gift all year!


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  1. I have a cousin who is an absolute fiend for good coffee. She just loves it. I’ll have to introduce her to this.

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