Nice Looking Waterproof Sneakers Finally!

Nice Looking Waterproof Sneakers Finally!

Nice Looking Waterproof Sneakers Finally!

Sometimes you need your shoes to be waterproof. But you don’t want to wear those ugly water shoes, you just want to have your everyday sneakers on. Now you can with these waterproof sneakers.  Loom Footwear, with their new waterproof all-terrain sneaker, is changing how shoes are made and what wearers can accomplish in them.

You can wear these hiking and go right through water.  You can wear these at the beach and still look great.  The stylish sneaker is 100% waterproof and can keep your feet dry even in full submersion. Not only that, but the shock-repellant and temperature-regulated material make this sneaker an all-terrain, all-season shoe with the feel and levity of a running shoe.

Nice Looking Waterproof Sneakers Finally!

These shoes come in black and white.  Talk about comfortable I can wear these all day and my feet just do not get sore.  This is considered the Swiss army knife of shoes. These are the best waterproof shoes I have seen.

I have worn these waterproof sneakers in snow and rain, Michigan weather, and my feet never got wet.  No going home and changing socks and putting shoes in the dryer.  I was very impressed with the quality of these shoes.

Loom Footwear utilizes a few key materials of exceptional quality to achieve its aim of making the only shoe you need. These include a Merino wool interior, an H2-Go waterproof layer, and an Excelcast sole.

Merino wool is known in the textile industry as the highest-performance fabric of the 21st century. It is as soft as cashmere and as strong as leather. It’s able to regulate temperature to keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And, it’s antimicrobial, making Loom immune from athlete’s foot, odor, and infection-causing bacteria.

The Merino wool is encased in Loom’s H2-Go waterproof layer. This layer renders the entire shoe completely waterproof. Wearers can even go swimming in them and their feet will remain dry. Talk about the best outdoor shoes this are it!

The exterior is formed with four layers of breathable, moisture-wicking, and waterproof material. It’s extremely light and easy to clean thanks to its ability to repel liquids and grime.

Loom’s Excelcast sole is the source of its support and long-lasting comfort. The unique sole was developed by podiatrists to support the foot and deliver maximum energy return—putting a spring in every step and protecting joints from shock. The Excelcast sole makes Loom suitable for team sports, running, hiking, and high-impact training.

Loom Footwear is the clear choice for many customers because of a dedication to sustainability. The average pair of shoes requires large amounts of fossil fuels, thousands of gallons of water, and polluting chemicals to produce. Loom are made with vegan materials and sustainable practices to reduce each pair’s carbon footprint by over 500%.





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  1. These definitely look nice, and they sound pretty impressive, too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen truly waterproof sneakers until these.

  2. Nice shoes can also be functional, and these sound like they fit the bill! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These shoes sound great. I have never heard of this company before. They also sound very comfy. Thank you so much for sharing these. God Bless

  4. Oh my gosh, I love these! I don’t have the need for water shoes very often, but I’m so glad that there’s finally shoes that fit my style!

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