Niema Beauty Silk Sleep Mask

Niema Beauty Silk Sleep Mask

I received this beautiful box with an wonderful silk mask and headband inside. Niema Beauty Silk Sleep Mask is soft and nice to wear.  When I put it on I just relax.  Niema Beauty Silk Sleep Mask is made with a special mulberry silk to make it extra soft.

The Niema Beauty Silk Sleep Mask is also cushioned so when you put it on it will help relax and soothe you off to sleep. Cotton absorbs moisture and can dry out skin. This is very delicate on any skin type. I really do sleep better with this mask on.

A must-have beauty sleep essential. Made from 100% grade 6A mulberry silk, and gentle on your skin. This luxurious set is the perfect compliment to your nighttime beauty routine.

The headband has a gentle elastic so it will fit everyone.  It will keep the hair out of your eyes while you are doing your make-up, face mask, and more.

This set is perfect for traveling whether by plane or car. If you are the passenger then you can dose off to sleep and wake up to be there.

This should be hand-washed and will dry by laying on a towel.

Sometimes I sneak into my recliner during the day and take a few minute nap. This mask really helps me relax quickly and get the few minutes refresher I really need.

At Niema Beauty they believe in providing their customers with products that are safe, natural, and extremely effective. Every one of their ingredients is concentrated for the highest possible efficacy. This company’s mantra is to always emphasize organic sourcing of the highest quality.

Miriam AlDainy, founder of Niema Beauty, is Saudi- American and grew up in two different worlds; East and West. Miriam spent her childhood watching her Saudi grandmother and aunties concocting traditional beauty treatments from local ingredients such as roses, sugar, henna, and plant-based oils and fragrances. She created Niema Beauty to carry on that tradition and share these age-old secrets with a new generation.

Miriam believes in pure, organic products that combat the aging effects of heat, salt, humidity, and pollution while insisting on the highest quality plant based ingredients.

In Niema Beauty, she has created a line of clean, natural beauty products based on those used in the Middle East for centuries. The philosophy at Niema Beauty is “Less is More”; strictly organic, natural, and clean.

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  1. What a beautiful sleep mask and headband set! I love the silk, it seems like it would feel so much nicer than other materials.

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