Better Than A Coffee House – Ninja Coffee Bar System @NinjaCoffeeBar

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Better Than A Coffee House – Ninja Coffee Bar System

Ninja, an innovative leader in the housewares industry, introduces the next generation of its highly popular Ninja Coffee Bar® franchise, the new Ninja Coffee Bar System, complete with a variety of brew types and sizes that you can’t  get anywhere else. The new system provides expanded options with a built-in frother, new brew sizes, and more brewing possibilities including the Ninja exclusive Café Forte, which amplifies the natural subtle flavors of your favorite coffee, for a sensationally different and delicious coffee experience!

Can you imagine never having to run to a coffee shop to get the great coffee drinks you love!  This machine will pay for itself for the person that stops on a daily basis.

Ninja Coffee Bar System

“We’re transforming the industry once again by bringing a new level of customization and versatility to at-home coffee brewing,” SharkNinja CEO, Mark Rosenzweig. “We relentlessly incorporate our customer’s feedback to give users products that are designed to meet their needs. Our goal is to provide coffee lovers with the tools to make the ultimate coffeehouse drinks on their countertops.”

Ninja Coffee Bar System

Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction®, Ninja’s patent pending technology allows you to unlock the full flavor potential of your favorite coffee and enjoy a great tasting brew with variable levels of richness, using automated controls for temperature calibration, pre-infusion and optimal saturation time.

Ninja Coffee Bar System Ninja Coffee Bar System

Brew sizes include six choices – four single serve options: cup, new to market XL cup, travel, new to market XL Multi-Serve and two carafe options: half and full. The XL cup enables users to brew directly into a large mug or small travel mug and the XL Multi-Serve Travel size is perfect for those who want extra-large coffee sizes, hot or iced – brew enough for two or extra for you.

Ninja Coffee Bar System

The Ninja Coffee Bar® System offers two categories of brews, Custom and Signature.

  • Custom brews include:
    • Classic: smooth, rich, balanced flavor from your favorite coffee
    • Rich: Richer than classic, with more intense flavor, that really stands up to extra milk, cream or flavoring
    • Over Ice: Designed to brew fresh and hot over ice, leaving you with a refreshingly cold coffee, that’s never watered down
  • Signature brews include:
    • Cafe Forte: A full-bodied cup of coffee that maximized Ninja’s flavor extraction technology, amplifying your coffees unique nuances down to the last sip
    • Specialty: Super rich coffee concentrate you can use to create a variety of indulgent hot and cold, layered or frozen blended coffeehouse-style drinks

Ninja Coffee Bar System Ninja Coffee Bar System




The Ninja Coffee Bar® System offers Pod-free single serve brewing capability across all models, allowing you to use your favorite grounds of coffee for unlimited variety, customized flavor, fresh taste and aroma.    Above is their reuseable filter, you can also buy filter to put into it, but why when this is already included and is easy to clean.

Ninja Coffee Bar System Ninja Coffee Bar System

This Ninja Coffee Bar® System comes complete with a built-in hot and cold frother, taking frothing to a whole new level. In just seconds, the built-in frother transforms milk into silky, rich, hot or cold micro foam that can be pared with any brew style.  You can even froth and brew from the same cup or mug.  It doesn’t get any easier-or foamier-than that.  As the frother whisk is dishwasher safe, the removal and cleaning is simple.

Ninja Coffee Bar System

Ninja Coffee Bar

This is the frother it goes on the arm that is on the back, the arm slides out.  Also under the orange tape is a scooper that has 2 sizes to measure.  They really have thought of everything with this Ninja Coffee Bar System.  This would be an awesome gift for the serious coffee drinker!

Ninja Coffee Bar System Ninja Coffee Bar System

This is the side and back.  From the back you get a better view of where you will put the frother.

The Ninja Coffee Bar® System Single-Serve version is also available for those looking for POD-free Single-Serve in a more compact size, with all the same brew types and brewing technologies, capable of brewing in sizes from a single cup through the XL Multi-Serve Travel.

Ninja Coffee Bar System Ninja Coffee Bar System

The Ninja Coffee Bar® Carafe System includes:

  • Two brew style categories include custom and signature brews:
    • Custom Brews: Classic, Rich, and Over Ice
    • Signature Brews: Specialty and Cafe Forte
  • Six brew sizes, including:
    • Four Single Serve options: cup, new XL cup, travel, new XL Multi-Serve Travel
    • Two carafes options: half and full
  • Built-in hot & cold frother
  • 10-cup carafe, available in glass or thermal
  • Ninja Smart™ Scoop
  • Permanent filter
  • 40 customized recipes, ranging from drinks to desserts

I love this coffee maker. It does what it says it does, and looks good while doing it. Very well made, lots of attention to detail, and it makes a great cup of coffee.  This takes between a minute for a single cup, to about seven minutes for a full carafe.  We love all this system does and how easy it is to use.  Everything tastes amazing and was no problem to make or clean up.  This also uniformly wets the grounds first, then sends the water through the filter, and coffee, in a 12 hole, shower like, pattern so you get the flavor from all the grounds not just a small portion.  My husband noticed the first time he used it, the coffee was super strong for him, the next batch he cut in 1/2 the amount he used and that was a lot better.

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  1. I love the Ninja brand, all of their products are amazing! This coffee bar exceeds expectations though! I love how much you can do with it, and it is also so pretty! It would definitely be incredible to make coffee house style drinks from the comfort of my own home. 🙂 This is number 1 on my Wish List this year for sure.

  2. I love all the options this coffee machine has. It would be wonderful for our large family. Thank you so much for sharing this

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