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Nirvana Water

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Nirvana Water

Nirvana Water

Most people think all water is the same but it really isn’t. Nirvana Water is infused with myHMB Clear. HMB is a naturally occurring substance produced in our body to support muscle health. HMB depletes after exercise and with age, but can be replenished by drinking Nirvana water infused with myHMB Clear.

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Nirvana HMB bottled spring water contains proprietary and patented water soluble myHMB Clear that helps decrease muscle protein breakdown and increase muscle protein synthesis. HMB is scientifically proven to improve muscle performance, slow muscle loss due to age and disease, and decrease recovery time from exercise and muscle injury.

Ideal as a post-workout drink to hydrate and help your muscles recover after training. This pure spring water infused with myHMB Clear is rapidly absorbed to provide maximum results. From weekend warriors to elite athletes – whether you swim, bike, run, hike, lift weights or practice yoga, Nirvana Water is for every body.


Sourced fresh from five natural springs, and fed by two ice age aquifers. Nirvana spring water is clear, pure and untouched by human hands. Their bottles are made on-site from recycled PET. BPA-Free and BPS-Free.

HMB is produced naturally in our body during the metabolism of the essential amino acid leucine. Increases muscle capacity and strength, and gains from exercise.

Their bottles are made on-site from recycled PET. 300 acres dedicated to suitability for solar and wind energy.

The source of this spring water comes from a place like no other. Their two Aquifers were born in the Ice Age and formed by the Adirondack Mountains, Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River Valley, and Tug Hill Plateau, providing our Aquifers with a rare, endless flow of fresh water.

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  1. I have never heard of Nirvana water before, how interesting! I didn’t know that HMB depletes in our bodies and that there was a way to replenish it like this. I will definitely have to try it.

  2. I have never saw this before. But I really liked this comment v – HMB depletes after exercise and with AGE! I drink water all day long it would be easy to add to my day.

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