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No More Ironing Your Clothes

Now More Ironing Your Clothes

No More Ironing Your Clothes

I hate ironing clothes.  I have tried everything to get wrinkles out without ironing including throwing it back in the dryer.  Nothing get them looking as good as an iron does.  Until now! Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle takes care of the ironing forever.  Finally the perfect product for me!

Ironing can be such a hassel.  Getting out the ironing board and iron.  Buying starch and the time it takes to get every single wrinkle out.  Each corner makes it that much more difficult.  Why not get a huge break from this?

Iron In A Bottle is so easy to use and actually works.  Desiree bought a dress from a 2nd hand store she went to with friends.  After washing the dress the wrinkles came out like crazy.  All we had to do was spray it with the Iron in a Bottle until it was damp, shake it pretty hard, and then just wipe and pull the dress to wipe/pull out the wrinkles.  Lastly we let it completely dry and it was wrinkle free.  It really works just this easy.

A plant-based surfactant is the active ingredient in Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle. We liken the surfactant to a hair conditioner, in that it relaxes the fibers of your clothing as a conditioner would your hair. This allows them to be manipulated (aka straightened out), causing the wrinkles to release.

Heal mind, body and home with Iron in a Bottle’s anti-wrinkle spray. All-natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, made-in-America breakthrough formula. Retire your iron with this modern and refreshing take on anti-wrinkle spray for both clothing and home. Grab a travel size bottle to stay wrinkle-free wherever life takes you. Their breakthrough formula contains zero harsh chemicals, and is completely non-toxic.

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