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Notes From Me To Get Conversation Going

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Notes From Me

Notes From Me To Get Conversation Going

Notes From Me let you send fun, love, or interesting notes to your child anytime. Put these in their pockets, lunch sacks, coat, or maybe next to their toothbrush for a fun morning. The notes are for your kids and can help bring you closer or a smile when one is needed the most. These are absolutely an affordable way to connect with your child in a new and fun way.

Notes From Me makes a variety of notes that are from you to your kids. This Holiday Notes From Me lets them learn something related to Christmas and then on the same notes gives them a joke they will have to smile at, no matter what age they are. This is a fun way to start their day or welcome them home with. There are 50 notes in this bunch, use 1 a day for almost 2 months to really have them excited when Christmas gets here.

MyWish4U Love Notes for Kids

I really like this one because you can use these all year. I like to put these in Desiree’s coat pocket and even by my hubby’s coffee. Express love to your kids and help them grow up with confidence. Make your child feel like the most important person in the world by the things you say and do. Put love notes on their pillow or in their backpack and reward them for what they are doing right.

MyWish4U Anytime Converations

This is another one I really like, I shouldn’t say this because honestly they are all so perfect. A great way to stay connected with your child no matter what kind of day they had.

You want to reconnect with your child at the end of a busy day, but asking “How was your day?” just doesn’t cut it. You’ll hear “fine,” and that will be the end of that.

Anytime Conversations are the secret to discovering your children’s heart – what’s important to them, what they’re worried about, and what they’re excited about – so you both end every day feeling connected and happy.

MyWish4u Anytime Conversations

Enjoy the magic and connection and put a smile on their face every day. Perfect to share all year long! 4″x 4″ Lunch Box Love Notes with 101 unique tear-off notes. Give your kids what they really want—more connection with you!




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  1. This would be really fun to have! I know that my kids would definitely enjoy getting a surprise note from me, especially a joke! I didn’t know this existed, thanks for sharing!

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