OE’s Organic Earth’s Energy

Organic Earth's Energy

OE’s Organic Earth’s Energy

Need some energy.  Do you drink energy shots? Well let’s get something that is better for you while giving you the energy you need.  OE’s Organic Earth’s Energy shots do contain caffeine so don’t worry you will get that energy you like from your regular shots. Plus it has other stuff in them that make you feel better instead of getting that slump you normally get.

OE Earth’s Energy was developed by combining their varied expertise—a cardiologist, a fitness expert and a neurologist—incorporating a unique blend of beneficial ingredients for your overall health and well-being. Get the energy you need to reach and exceed your fitness goals and enhance your experience of life.

Wellness and energy should go hand in hand, which is why they created this from PURE, ALL NATURAL ingredients with NO PRESERVATIVES. Be kind to your body and get the boost you need!

  • Organic NATURAL Caffeine from green coffee beans can boost memory, focus, mood & athletic performance
  • ASHWAGANDHA can reduce blood sugar, stress, anxiety & has anticancer properties
  • GINSENG can boost immune system, energy levels & focus
  • GINGER can reduce blood pressure & has antibacterial properties
  • TURMERIC can reduce inflammation & strengthen joints

These shots are sold on Amazon in mixed berry and pina coloda. Both flavors are really are good and give you the energy you need to get through your day. They are priced about the same as regular energy shots.

Invigorate your body with fresh, natural substances gleaned from the earth. Designed to make you feel healthier as well as more energetic. Comes in 2.5 fluid ounce shot, for a quick and easy boost on the go. Specially crafted with pure ingredients and no preservatives.

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  1. I love that not only are the OE organic shots made to give me energy with amazing ingredients..but it boosts my immune system too! Win, win!! I would love to try these!

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