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Oliver the Ornament Helps Kids With Bullying!

Oliver the Ornament Helps Kids With Bullying!

Oliver the Ornament is a children’s book and holiday ornament series that focuses on kindness and is delivering an anti-bullying message that’s resonated in classrooms across the country and has even attracted the attention of the Bush family. It’s been twice recognized as a hottest or best gift of the season.

Oliver the Ornament is:

  • The newest champion entering the fray to help kids understand and deal with bullying. Oliver is an unlikely hero – just 3 inches tall — but he stands tall in any season.
  • Oliver and his friends teach children the importance of being kind. The message is particularly important these days as cyber and in-person bullying seems to be on the rise.
  • Oliver may be the youngest national treasure in US History:
    • First Lady Melania Trump read Oliver the Ornament in 2018 at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC, a first lady tradition begun by Bess Truman.
    • People magazine’s Best New Books in 2016
    • George, Barbara and Laura Bush have written letters lauding Oliver’s message. (Happy to share copies.)
  • More than 20 percent of American children experience bullying. For kids with disabilities, the percentage are dramatically higher.
  • School-based anti-bullying programs can help decrease bullying by 25 percent, and schools across the country have used Oliver to offer anti-bullying programs to children.
  • Oliver is the first Christmas tree ornament cast as the hero in a Christmas book.
  • More than 3,000 Oliver the Ornament books have been donated to children’s hospitals across the country.
  • A portion of each book’s sales is earmarked for children’s charities and hundreds have already been donated to children’s hospitals across the country.
  • The book is sold in more than 350 stores across the country and at http://www.olivertheornament.com
  • The story of Oliver the Ornament is a universally identifiable tale that will appeal to people of all ages. It’s a story of tradition, love, friendship, forgiveness and joy. It’s a story of Christmas.
  • 54 Pages of beautifully illustrated pictures in a 10 x 10 Hardcover book
  • The 1st in a 7 book series – Collect them all!
  • Includes an adorable hand painted Oliver Ornament.
  • Leads to countless stories of your own ornaments… Because after all, Every Ornament Tells a Story

This makes a great gift and is easy to wrap.

Comes in a special package that holds the book and ornament, they are both wonderful gifts.  Most kids the parent will need to read the book to the kids until about 10 or so, then just help the kids read it.

This is the little ornament.  It is absolutely adorable and full of beautiful colors.  His little arm is in a sling.  It really is cute and the kids will love it.

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